Position list


What are the best point characters/assisters/anchors?


Just my list imo(not in any particular order):

Top 10 Points

Top 10 support(assists/DHC/THC for neutral value)
Iron Man
Hawkeye/Task/Magneto(Disruptor + Straight arrows are very good depending on your character)

Top 10 Anchors

Lists like this mean nothing unless you have a solid team that can deal with everything and has good synergy/tech.


Top 10 anchors and no dog in there? :frowning:
Dog is an amazing anchor


I would say Ammy is a better anchor than Dante. Everyone else on that list works as good or better than Ammy with the one exception.


Except ammy is the complete anti anchor. She has a super that makes x-factor basically irrelvant. She can kill with her xf3 infinite off any touch. She has a lot of favorable matchups vs popular anchors (hehehe sentinel). She also has a great grab, good incoming mixups, instant overheards and she can lame someone the fuck out with all her air mobility. She is no slouch at all.
My list would probably be something like.

  1. Vergil
  2. Strider
  3. Phoenix
  4. Super random Skrull
  5. Magneto
  6. Ammy
  7. Dormammu
  8. Felicia
  9. Storm
  10. Wesker


I felt I forgot about some characters in the support/anchor list, and Ammy is definitely a top 10 anchor.

Dante anchor is really stupid, insane levels of stupid, but noone plays him and noone plays him on that position(and his ToD combos aren’t abbcs bbcs fraud friendly ToDs which might explain why). I think he’s one of the most underrated anchors in the game, he can deal with everything, minimal recovery on projectile specials and no recovery normals and really stupid mixups, and he can spend a meter to become a god that deals with everything. His damage and throw abare problems completely disappear when he activates XFactor 3, where he can ToD you off any hit/any special/throw at any positon meterless. Not to mention is that he has the best solo incoming,not the best incoming with assists, but best solo incoming with acid rain/multi lock that make his mixups safe and invisible. He, like Magneto, is simply godlike in any team at any position.


Fucking Hawkeye, I swear this guy is an underrated anchor. He’s definitely not even close to the best, but I always own people with this guy.

Fullscreen hunter loops rape the shit out of most people.

When he has x-factor your opponent really can’t do anything until it’s done. Then again, I play online.


There’s a few too many characters that can still get at Hawkeye or generally deal with him even when he has XF. Vergil or Strider anchor are more or less complete counters to him as anchor and other point characters and anchors can either generally fight him or just hold on to their XF to lame out his chip. Which then he is forced to rushdown where his XF rushdown isn’t bad…but nothing that’s totally insurmountable either.

Ammy has to be in top 10 of every anchor list. Every.

If Akuma was any better he would probably be in top 10 point characters for me also.


Yeah, but aren’t Vergil and Strider two of the durpiest anchors in the entire game? Vergil+x-factor+meter=best character in the game IMO.

Honestly though, if I can either get a random gimlet, a front throw, or if I hit them using the heavy arrow from full screen; I can convert into his hunter loop.

His biggest weakness IMO is the opponent waiting it out with x-factor to avoid chip. Also, his close range fighting isn’t the greatest.


Best point Vergil
Best Mid Vergil
Best Anchor Vergil
Best at making you Salty Vergil

Seriously have you not seen how many teams have Vergil now ?

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He’s basically what everyone thought Wesker was. Strong in all spots and not much you can do about him once he gets going with meter and assists. You can actually do shit about Wesker no matter what spot he’s in whereas Vergil…not so much. Vergil is a character that people will have to start snapping if he’s in anywhere but the point spot.


If he could be put on a team with Phx…

Like Zero/Phx\Vergil lol

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He basically can now because of TAC infinites. Vergil/Magneto/Phoenix is a pretty legit TAC infinite based team. Especially if people eventually figure out a solid way to TAC infinite with Phoenix also.

It pretty much goes back to Vanilla Wolveirne/Sentinel/Phoenix shit where Wolveirne will pop XF from the front and turn into Dark Wolverine to build 5 for Phoenix, or you just play normally and build the 5 and keep your XF for Dark Phoenix. They have a small chance to escape but…it’s worth it for what you could potentially get.

Vergil, Strider, Phoenix and X-23 will basically be on every top tier TAC infinite based team.


Characters not used is either cause they can play two or more positions really good or I don’t know enough about them to make a definite Judgment. This tier list is only viable from a Theory basis the level of the players might change any outcome.
(Safe DHCs and TAC infinites are taken into consideration)
• = Point
2 = Second
:anchor: = Anchor
a = viable assists
A = highly usable assists
Numbers on the [S]left[/S] right means the tier I put them on. Each tier is specific to the section they are in.

XFactor LVl 3
:anchor:a Dark Phoenix 1
:anchor:a Super-Skrull 2
:anchor:a Phoenix 3

Point at all times
• Zero 1
• C. Viper 2
• Firebrand 2
• Felicia 3
• Ghost Rider 4

Point at Start (If snapped out you can live with it)
•A Magneto 1
•A Deadpool 2
•A Chris Redfield 3
•a X-23 4
•A Jill 4
•A Chun-Li 4
•a Viewtiful Joe 4

Second Only (Manly used for assist or setups Examples: lvl up Frank or PW)
A2 Shuma-Gorath 1
A2 Frank West 2
A2 Hsien-Ko 3
a2 Tron Bonne 4
a2 Phoenix Wright 5

DHC Tag ( DHC for the kill, save a character, or TAC)

a2 Storm 1
A2 Morrigan 2
A2 Iron Man 3
A2 Rocket Raccoon 4
A2 Taskmaster 5
A2 Hulk 6
a2 She-Hulk 6
a2 Spider-Man 6
a2 Dr. Strange 6
A2 Iron Fist 6
a2 Thor 6
A2 Captain America 6


I think you can almost use all characters in most positions. Despite this, I can’t even start trying to comprehend how Abegen uses She-Hulk as an anchor lol. I’m going to list some characters that I like in the three positions, but also some I think are underrated but theoretically equipped to perform well in certain places. My list is in no particular order, and I don’t have a cap on the players I put in each section (i’ll try and go for quality over quantity lol)

Point- Magneto, Doom, Viper, Zero, Wesker, Spencer, Dante, Wolverine, Spiderman, Felicia, Haggar Deadpool, Modok, Iron Fist, Hulk, Ghost Rider

Support- Nova, Morrigan, Doctor Strange, Dormammu, Frank West, Sentinel, Vergil, Spencer, Trish

Anchor= Phoenix, Strider, Amaterasu, Super Skrull, Wesker, Akuma, Hsien-Ko, Trish, Deadpool, Sentinel, Hawkeye, Frank West

  • I think Deadpool and Haggar are great characters. Hsien-Ko with armour, meter and XF-3 is almost unstoppable and I think under-explored and under-utilized.


It’s Hsien-Ko. There are better ways to utilize XF and meter with other anchors.

And no Trish for the point position? Honestly, she fits in much better as a point character than an anchor. She has nice rushdown with assists. By herself, she can’t get very much going.


This should probably go into the team building thread.

For what it’s worth, Dormmamu is the best character to have second in the game. Vergil is probably tied with Doom and Dante for second.


I like Trish, but I hate the way I see her used. I think her keep away game is so much stronger than her rush-down. Like really, how did Justin Wong beat Jago’s Trish team with Iron Fist back in SCR?? But that’s another conversation lol. And I like to have her preferably second, or as anchor as I figured that x-factor in those positions would help compensate for her lack of damage that people complain about, though I don’t have a problem with it.

As for Hsien-Ko, I think she is probably the worse character in the game, battling it out with Phoenix Wright. However, her armour hyper is ridiculous. 5 bars of that, with XF3, I don’t see how anybody’s fighting her unless they have a cinematic or can run the heck away.


Almost everyone can kill in xf3 off any touch, her air mobility is not that good now, if you could defend when air dashing, yeah it would be godlike, but you can’t, although her grab is good, her mixups are good and the slow super is great for semi antix-factor, i think she is top 10 sure, also my anchor list is almost the same, except for storm and magneto maybe.

So here is my list, i will just post some of the character, there aren’t in any order.
Best point:
Dante, Zero, C.Viper, Spencer, Magneto.

Best Second:

Best Anchor:
Super Skrull,Vergil,Stryder,Phoenix,Felicia,Ammy,Hawkeye,Akuma,Dante.


Jago’s team wasn’t really a “Trish” team. It was more Dante that did the work for him. Honestly, Trish has some really nasty rushdown. j.H’s hitbox is enormous. Damage can be remedied with assists.

Anchor Trish isn’t really going to open people up. She can’t combo off of air throws solo, which hurts her value as an anchor.