Positioning Help For Unblockable



OK I have the Multi-Tackle combo down.–
—50-60 % away from corner—
(starts off with a connected MP Fireball) ==> RH Tackle, (wait for the opponent to drop a tad bit so that the EXChariotRush will connect), EXCR (in the corner by now), RH Tackle xx AEGIS…

Now all I need help is with the positioning of the downed opponet to start the unblockable.— Now after they bounce off the AEGIS, what do I do. Can I just dash back twice as soon as they hit the AEGIS? OR Do I walk back a little then dash once, maybe twice…? (Be as specific as possible please!)


Walk back maybe a quarter inch, then dash once.



well my preference is do the back dash once then walk back a little bit, I find it easier to time the charge that way…

I think tokido does the same thing shrug


walk back a little, so when the body is right above your head your already charging back as your walking. so dash (which is easy since your walking back) and add your flavor.


after the ex u can do 2 more tackles into the Aegis, works on shotos like a charm.
then just walk back, RH tackle to push them into the corner.


Yeah I know about that but I just don’t do that as of right now because of the 6-hit limit and all.

(MP Sphere, HK Tackle, EX Tackle, HK Tackle, MK Tackle) = 6-hits

I thougt the AEGIS wouldn’t hit, thus not bouncing the opponent back, since there is a 6-hit limit.


It will, try it, trust me

the 6 hit juggle rule dont apply to supers after the 6th hit if they havent fallen outta their hitable frames…

ya i know i dont know how to explain it either, just try it.

every character is diff tho, it will work on shotos, but doesnt on Makoto


Re: Re: Positioning Help For Unblockable

instead of thinking that shit wont hit, why dont you try it


fireball, crush, ex crush, crush, crush DOES work on Makoto. The ex crush is weird to time though…you need to wait until the last moment to throw that shit out.


I am talking about the if the reflector will hit or not, not the combo before that… dumbass


sorry, I was skimming through the thread quickly.

But I tried out the 6 hit + aegis combo on makoto on dreamcast today, and it worked. 7 hit combo. That bitch bounces.


Hmm really? every time I do it she never bounces…
so i just stick to the crush fireball crush reflector


Sup peoples. I also play with urien. On makota, the last tackle before the aegis has to hit when shes low to the ground. Timing is required for it.


Well, I suggest you dash back once and then walk back just a tad, then headbutt right after he hits the floor, Duck, and get the unblockable in.


what is his unblockable?


WTF is the duck for?


He has many unlblockable they are just Aegis setups mainly. Since Urien can cover alot of distance quickly using Tackle and Knee Drop he can postion himself before an oppoent can recover and continue to punish them. I love that one unblockable that is posted in an above thread. the one with the anti air jab at first works good.