Possibility at running a major tournement (3s main game)


How would people like the prize structure? I’d be given approximatly 800-2000$ to put into the pot along with entry fees…

How much should i charge to enter? etc etc…

Should i do other games with entry fee only prizes?

90% likleyhood i’d be able to do this some time next march/april

This would be run from somewhere in new england… most likley my school since i could get venue’s for free.


Dude you should at least charge $10 to enter…Man you really giving away THAT MUCH CASH??

Holy beejesus dude I’M GOING!!! :rofl: :lol:


If I had a car, I’d go. And I don’t even play 3s :stuck_out_tongue:


i’m sure u could get a ride from someone


Well you’d need to find out how much the venue is going to cost you first, before you decide how much to add to the pot and how much to charge. If you can use the school, cool, but if you can’t you have to think about maybe a venue fee, and then that may impact how much people would pay for the games, etc.

Also for people to consider coming out and traveling for your tourney definitely would need to run other games, whether the prize is from entry only or you add to it.


Just run it. People will show. I’d sprinkle some of that money as add on for a few other games. tekken6 (should be big by them), marvel and 3s.


affording tekken 6 is another story bro… my school isnt gona shell out 10 grand for a game


So I’m guessing this is going to be a cabinet only tourney? That’s the only explanation I can come up with for needing to spend 10g’s on a game. If anything the PS3 port should be out by then and if they make some semi sequel to Tekken 6…GGPO 10g’s.

EDIT: Well maybe not necessarily. I’m sure there’s a way to just switch out the old disc with the newer version if/when that happens.



t5 dr was a 3000$ upgrade to tekken 5 which was originally about 4k

and of course it isnt cabinet only tourny… that’d be really inefficient seeing as we will only have 1 3s machine.


I’d come support your tourney Shodo


I think ppl are stating that if it’s NOT console, your school won’t have to pay 10k for anything. You could get some financial assistance from friends or ask someone to bring their consoles.


they would only have to pay 10k for tekken 6 which isnt getting released on ps3 right away like tekken 5 was… it ruined the arcade market in the usa.