Possibility of a DarkStalkers HD Remix?




C’mon Shoryuken go post in that Thread and support a new DarkStalkers or HD Remix!


I’d rather just have a new Darkstalkers game, but I’d probably buy that.


what’s the probability if they do a darkstalkers HD that they don’t give morrigan a new sprite?


I’d be okay with this


Why do I feel like they’re going to choose the wrong Darkstalkers game to give the HD treatment?


High, since they’re probably going to give Vampire Saviour the HD Remix treatment when I’d rather have Vampire Hunter.


/thread :rofl:


I’d love to see VS in HD, or even just smoothed and shoved online like Marvel.

I’d love it even more if they redid all the sprites except Morrigan’s.


haha i’d be ok with that


Has Capcom ever said 100% that they would NOT do an HD remix or sequel to a game in the last couple years. It’s like with the CvS3 thing, they said that there was the possibility and to not rule it out or a new Marvel game.


This is different though because I care about this one.


If it ever happened they would use the DC version just like they used for HD Remix. The only version of Vampire for DC is Vampire Chronicle.

I don’t really know how well the Vampire community responded to that game, but it does have every character from every Vampire game so it’s certainly something very cool to work with.

I would be willing to learn Vampire from scratch if this came out.

Remixed music would be a must for me, as the original Vampire music is kinda boring to me.

Remixed gameplay is certainly possible just like it was with ST, but who would be in charge of the changes? I nominate S-Kill, not because he’s good at Vampire or anything, but I just think he’s the most intelligent guy out there they would consider.


Lmfao. Very high.


enough of the old shit, i want new games


after sf4 i want old games

with new graphics

but maybe just having one guy have the final say on any changes to the game wasn’t such a great idea

i’m not sure of the game names but i think it’s the 2nd to last one that people like… whatever one people still are willing to play in tournaments in japan

if they made this i would play it :slight_smile:


Experiencing the new games makes me want the old shit. Same with music and movies.

New things are failing. :shake:


You always have SF4. :rofl:


Darkstalkers is beautiful as is. Just put that janx on Xbox live.


If the production of KOF XII and HD Remix versus the production of SF4 have taught me anything, it’s that I’d much rather see a 3D-animated DarkStalkers; KOF XII is kinda iffy and HD Remix all but died on the table thanks to the headaches associated with the wonky sprites. Let Capcom make good-looking art assets in the easiest way possible so that the rest of the game gets made to the highest possible quality.

I would kill for some new B.B. Hood action, though. I’m not normally one for playing as cute underage girls in fighting games, but Hood is a fuckin’ G. Get me some of that 3D-animated Uzi goodness (complete with cartridges littering the floor) so that I can deliver a picnic basket of pain to your grandma’s FACE.

But yeah, for a start, I would also accept a GGPO-powered XBL/PSN port of the Vampire games.


A new 3D Darkstalkers is still a distant possibility. SFIV producer Yoshinori Ono did state that he does want to make one, all that’s needed is to convince Capcom USA that enough of us want the game for it to be feasible.