Possibility of MvC 3

So last year at Comic-Con, Marvel said it’s in the works for Marvel vs. Capcom 3, does anybody see this becoming a reallity?

It’s been a reoccuring dream of mine for years now.

When they make enough millions off of the HD remake then they will do it. I was talking to 1 of the capcom reps at evo this year and he said there is a strong possiblity that it can happen. Read for yourself here–> http://www.airbrushking.net/tournaments/?cat=23

funny. i was thinking of making a thread about mvc3, but extremely detailed with what i, and i think the community would want to see, but im to lazy right now, but since you created a thread already, maybe ill do it, but now ill have to post it here instead of taking the shine. maybe ill wait until this thread dies. lol. too gooooood

What he said.

If this happend, then i could smash my sf4 cd and be the happiest camper.

It won’t happen if people keep buying the shitty-ass X-men/Marvel beatemups. Why make a new game with actual work involved if they can poop out shitty updates for free.

I think the main thing with Marvel doing video games is that they want it to feedback into their comic properties. Movie tie-ins and Ultimate Alliance all do a good job of drawing people into the comic books.

However, what exactly will “toss some Marvel characters into a fighting game” get you? Probably not as much. Fighting games typically aren’t knowned for stories, nor are they really a great way to showcase the marvel properties.

While I would love it, to Marvel it would just be a “license our stuff for money” which I feel they are trying to get away from. I would say it would be much more likely to see a Marvel-Only fighting game title, then MVC2, so they would get the most spot-light for their time.

Which could be great if it’s in the same vein as MVC2. I mostly play Marvel characters anyways.

Who would be for it having teams of four and be a nine button fighter (ten if you count taunt)?

Wait, what? It’s Capcom characters in Marvel?

You could easily just re-map the heavy attacks into command normals to open up an additional 2 assist buttons to leave it at the standard 6 buttons.

I think its possible, but if it were to come in the near future, MvC2 players would be dissapointed and happy at the same time. Everyone’s waiting for it, but since it hasnt happen, theyve stuck to MvC2 and explored the game. It would kinda be lackluster at this point, because MvC2 online, tourney play, and heavy casuals have been the buzz for the last 5 years or so. I want it bad, like a old drunk who wants his daily brew, but I think they should time it right instead of throwing it out there so quickly. It also depends on what new characters will be in the game. Im sure they would have consultations and polls first, to see what the community thinks about new additions, stradegy, graphics.etc…

MvC3 is really going to be Disney vs Capcom now, lawlz.

Haha, it wouldn’t be so bad. I’ve always wondered who would win between goofy and dan.

I’d really want to see Hercules, Thor, and Luke Cage as a power team. like Team Russia…oh team russia how i wish you’d be more effective against Mags and Storm