Possibility of playing 3rd Strike with DS3


Hello everyone,

I month ago I really wanted to go back to 3s using fightcade but all I had was a DS3 controller so I want to know: Is there any way someone can be at least competent on 3s by using a gamepad? I’m aware it’s been mentioned here Frequently Asked Questions Thread that it’s pretty much impossible to play with a gamepad and reach a high level but I just don’t want to suck online.

P.S: If I ask this is because I have no way of getting a stick (at least for the time being).


depending on who you use, it can be doable. i couldn’t figure out a good way to piano buttons for super links, but ken and dudley were otherwise viable. kara srk was impossible for me because the r2 trigger for hk wasn’t easy to time and circle for mk is inappropriately placed. apart from kara throwing, i can use alex and ryu too. that’s about it though.

i would still recommend a stick if you plan on playing this or any other fighting games in the future. for 3s, pad will never be more than a compromise, but that doesn’t mean you can’t beat most people with it.


I dont trust these people saying you cant play with x. I can do the same combos (Im talking advanced combos here, not target combos or some shit so dont get me confused) on a keyboard, a stick, a stick with buttons for a joystick (hitbox type thing) and any playstation type controller. All it takes is practice with the controller you choose. Are all controllers good for 3rd strike? Hell no. I would obviously suggest trying to scrounge up money for a proper joystick if youre into playing fighting games but you can definately do just about anything on any controller as long as you have time and intrest to put into mastering the controller you choose.


I was planning on picking Q since as far as I can remember he doesn’t have any complicated combos and I think his kara throw wasn’t that crucial to master.


Technically you can but it’s awkward to execute, requires more commitment, more energy.

On pad you’re using your thumb to choose between buttons. On stick you’re using all your fingers. You can only go so far with point typing vs touch typing


I call bullshit on this.

I can think of 5 things people can CONSISTENTLY do on stick that I don’t think would be possible on anything else.

Anyone feel free to prove me wrong.

And if you ever do go to an arcade to play, you’re just going to be the loser in the corner complaining that he can’t execute.


Just pick Chun and make sure you have easy access to HP and MK. Maybe macro throw so you can kara into it. Anyone else however will probably be better played on stick.


Id be intrested in knowing what you would consider 5 things people couldnt do on alternative controllers. Theres people playing through games blindfolded with one hand man, in most cases it just takes way more time to do something on lets say a pad compared to a stick but its just as possible to do nevertheless.

The last point is valid though and I agree with you 100% with a stick being the preffered method not just because of the ease of use but because thats what youre going to be playing on in an arcade setting.

edit: also heres a vid of me doing tth against the twins on a keyboard. When I used to play on that thing I hit tth on the twins and ttt on shotos pretty goddamn consistantly and people seem to consider those semi-hard combos pretty hard to do consistantly



I mean, I actually learned 3S on a pad at home before I was lucky enough to get an arcade stick for home console use when I didn’t have a chance to play at the arcade (Tekken 5 stick lasted me so long…). I can still kara-uppercut with Ken, but it took me a while to get used to the timing of the R2 on a DS3.

I won’t lie, though, with how precise 3rd Strike needs you to be and how ready you need to be with the moves in your arsenal, you are kinda held back with a controller.


tth isn’t something that necessarily needs stick. I can do it pretty well on pad as well.

For these I’d say 50% success rate. 5 out of 10 tries. Personally I don’t feel even 50% is consistent but I’m a nice guy.

  1. Yun hp loop for 5 hp (not full combo)
  2. Makoto karakusa hp tosa into double fukiage
  3. Ken cross up ex tatsu dash shoryu.
  4. Kara Shoryu

Makoto hayate seichusen from both sides 10 in a row.

Bonus: Kara throw ten times in a row with chun.


q has the best kara throw in the game, tied with chun. it is crucial, especially in a defensive capacity, because it forces people to keep their close range game clean or risk being cornered. maybe you’re right about the combos, but most characters don’t need complicated combos. i can’t use charge characters on a pad for beans, but some people can.

that tth video is questionable. is that the arcade version? the arcade version actually doesn’t have any software-level restriction on opposite directions being inputted simultaneously, which is why it’s possible to walk forward for as long as you want then immediately do a tackle with urien. also, even if that wasn’t true, it’s easier to do tth on a keyboard or hitbox than on a stick for obvious mechanical reasons (zero deadzone between opposite directions). if the video is just illustrating these two points, then it’s not that meaningful for your case.

with that said, i do believe that a well-made hitbox can be very good. but first people need to understand that a stick is just a metal bar that presses on internally mounted switches. a hitbox is basically the same but with the switches mounted on the surface so you have direct access to them. its terribly unintuitive, but with enough practice, i think it can be just as good as a stick, and in certain cases, measurably superior.


Wow and here I was expecting something actually challenging like full kara palm combos or tachi gigas done consistantly (which most people cant do on a joystick anyways). I can do all the aformentioned on a keyboard atleast (the fierce loop I feel like is even easier on keyboard than a joystick). Kara srk and kara palms for that matter are also pretty much equal in terms of execution difficulty on a kb in comparison to a stick. I dont see why youre trying to argue something like this when its obvious that you can get consistant on any controller method as long as you put the hours in to master that particular controller. Obviously every single controller will have its downsides and maybe things that you will have a reaaaally hard time doing 100% of the time. Is it a good idea to put so much effort into learning something thats not the best possible option? Probably not but that doesnt mean it isnt doable.


Like Gaijinblaze said with practice a Hitbox is probably the most effective controller there is. And a keyboard is basically a Hitbox you can map to a bunch of different buttons.


I got one. How do you charge Denjin fast on it?


By mashing? B)


How do you mash diagonals while holding onto Fierce HP button, while tapping LP,MP, LK simultaneously? :smiley:


Why would that not be possible on a keyboard?


I thought only directions mattered in denjin, not buttons?


Punch buttons can also be used as part of the charging process. It’s the reason why the near-instant 3-hit Denjin exists (activate Denjin, rotate stick 360, press the other two punch buttons and then release).


Tbh I was directing my opinion more toward pad (what this thread is about).

Playing 3rd on keyboard just makes you a weirdo. :slight_smile: