Possible additions to hd remix

I had an idea that i think might benefit hd remix. lets face it, cammy kinda sucks. I was thinking of ways to make her better and/or more useful instead of being a tool. i was wondering what you guys thought about making cammy an anti-projectile character. you could do this by 1) making her short cannon drill go under projectiles and 2) speeding up her backfist a little. I was thinking of making her good against projectile characters only. she would still do the same against non projectiles. idk… what you guy think?

I think you’re the reason we can’t have nice things.

I think you have no idea what you’re talking about.

I think this would’ve been better served in the Cammy thread or, at the very least the General Discussion thread.

Anyway, I don’t blame you for wanting to improve Cammy. It’s just that we already talked about this in the General Discussion thread and we pretty much said the same thing. CvS2 Cammy. That’s basically what you’re suggesting.

Read my sticky. Search for stuff first. Then post. It’ll help your credability. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I had an idea that i think might benefit you. let’s face it, your posting sucks.


im sorry but this site is just too much sometimes. i mean could you be anymore rude? and is this how you treat folks irl? i doubt it.i understand im an “09” and dont have a right to post but some of us live many lives with many different responsibilities , and just dont have the time to understand every little thing about the many things we do. i also understand this site is fillied with members of all ages, and all different levels of maturity, but i think everyone here should know how to act sensibly, or at least ignore what you dont like. im just tired of all the negative eliteist vibes this site gives sometimes. i luv you though srk… plz dont ban me lol


You definitely have a point on the negativity, but, in this case, echo92 set himself up in two ways…

One, he didn’t search for the discussion that already exists.

Two, he didn’t post this in the Cammy thread or the General Discussion thread, even though this obviously pertains to Cammy and general gameplay.

Bottom line: He posted without being resourceful…and those resources were right in front of him.

Haha, the current batch of newbs is if anything spoiled I think. A lot of the prems have probably run out of neg rep, otherwise we’d be seeing a lot more red around here.

The rep groove in itself is kind of funny if you think about it. If you get positive rep, your meter is green. If it’s negative, it’s just red. So like, do you have K groove if you’re a noob? Or like, do you instead release a super that inflicts damage upon yourself? I don’t get it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why the heck is this thread still open?

im sorry if i offended any cammy players. i didnt mean to. i just dont get why they would put a character into a game that would not have any good matchups. i played zangief for a bit and i no when a matchup is not in your favor it is hard to win. i cant imagine how cammy players feel.

Echo92, here’s your solution. Go to the Cammy thread and read. There’s a LOT of info there. Be sure to look for info from Syxx573, by the way. He’s the best Cammy in his city and has at least four tourney wins to prove it.

It’s not hopeless…but it will seem that way if you don’t look at the resource that’s right in front of you.

For once, I agree with kevgeez. This thread has no reason to be open.

Wow, you’re a grade-A moron.

Here’s a hint - read the fucking stickied posts, then check to see if there’s already a Cammy thread. Guess what, there is!

You don’t make a new thread every time your worthless ass comes up with yet another retarded thought.

It’s also filled with people who don’t have the grammatical skills of a 5 year old who inform posters when they break the rules regardless of join date, apparently you’re not one of them

Jchensor who is srk’s best (only? =P) cammy player has said several times that cammy is more competitive then before. Posting about how bad a character is without having played at least a few good representations of said character’s potential is not smart.

To echo what’s been said over 9200 times before; there is a cammy thread already.

add a fucking boot function god!

Seriously dude.

That was uncalled for.

I’m sorry, should I have bought him dinner before telling him he had no idea what he was talking about?

Guys, guys, guys…see how this thread is turning into an etiquette class? True, there is a way to nicely tell someone that they messed up. I tried my best to do that and I hope echo92 wasn’t thoroughly discouraged from ever reading this forum again from my efforts.

Posting? Yes…he should wait a little while on that…but that doesn’t mean he’s a hopeless cause.

Now…can we just let this thread die now, please? :slight_smile:

As for a wishlist type thread Echo, you can look in the Confirmed patch thread.
People wishing hard as hell in there.

But hey, this IS an online patchable game…you never know, there could be a patch in a couple years or so.


and what are you talking about cammy does not suck you prob just play her SUCKINGLY