Possible Advancements in Frame Data Technology


I feel like we haven’t gone far enough in how deep our frame data gets. Here, lets try to list a few things that could be helpful to us in future SRK Wiki guides, tech videos and tutorials.

Possible advancements list:
[]Fireball speed (measured by character size, prolly The Big Guy for a lot of games, divided by 10 frames?)
]Counter-hit hitstun/damage


Neither of those have anything to do with frame data.


They don’t?


Iunno. I just thought they would be useful for theory fighting.


Counter hit tends to be a set % damage, set frame advantage (even if crouching style vs standing hit) thus can apply it to all moves, pretty sure. Anybody with more info (combo video guys, real frame data scholars) feel free to correct and get the right info out there more.

As such it will apply to the first hit more often than not, only.

If its applied differently to different moves, boy you’ve got a way more complicated Japanese (more rare developed American/others) fighting game than usual. There will also be 3D games with wall damage being bonus, maybe DOA counter bonus damage used to be fun why its so huge, and more to look at. And people already do.

Distance over frames, even just walking speed, is more esoteric, have seen in meters measurement/character lengths, sometimes pixels. So more people just go by feel there.

-Eventhubs tried a screenshot gallery of SF4 walk speed/distance, don’t know how well it worked out other than point out the well known who’s slow, or maybe break a few myths in how fast or slow some people thought some characters are, see they’re not so bad, or comparable to the rest. Tons of characters, its going to happen.

Such as If a normal cancelled to a fireball with one speed is a true combo/blockstring vs another strength. Example in like Fullscreen fireball without a setup (teleport mixup block direction) is not too big a deal also. As such SF4 or SFxTekken aren’t too huge on, “hitstun from Jab fireball lets you Fierce fireball ASAP lockdown trap blockstun” like a SF2. Could be a lil more fun if they were…