Possible April SF4 Charity Tournament, New Haven, CT


Hello, I’m representing Southern Connecticut State University’s Asian Culture Society. We’re thinking of holding a Street Fighter 4 Charity Tournament for this Spring Semester, probably in April at SCSU in New Haven, CT.

All the profits are going to a non-profit charity that hasnt been decided yet.

We’d like to see how many people around the area that are not SCSU students interested in coming so we can plan accordingly.

If anyone is interested, please give a post! Thanks!


Why don’t you donate the profits to Tokyo Game Action?


I would certainly be interested. I’m coming from the more northern part of CT, just outside of Hartford, but well worth the travel.

Not that it would help but there is a SF4 cabinet in Trumbull, from what I gather it only supports one person play, but none the less I’ll be traveling there this week to check it out. Definitely let me know if you plan on doing the tourney though.