Possible BIG mistake by Evo Organisers

For those who are going to Evo

I checked my pool assignment here: http://evo2k.com/checkin/
It said:
Tekken 6
Station 22, Saturday, 02:00 PM
Pool 11

Now when the Master Schedule came up here: http://evo2k.com/2011/07/26/evo-2011-master-schedule/

It states that all Tekken and SF will be held on Friday (Aside from Finals).
If I hadn’t seen this then I might have missed my game. Please work out when your up guys so that you don’t miss your games!


Actually that page is wrong, check the one on the SRK front page

Someone should PM Mr.Wizard, Ponder, or Inkblot about this…

So I heard from a couple friends, in regards to the NW, that two people who live in the Eugene are in the same AE pool, and two people from portland, hell, lets say 3 people from portland since thats where we practice are all in the same AE pool…

Two people from Arkansas are in the same pool. And I know at least one other (Oklahoma/Dallas) also in our pool.

theres seeding aside from evo points? =/

The schedule on the front page of SRK is correct. Ill edit the one on evo2k.com right now.

There is seeding by points, then seeding by region, then everything else.