Possible "BUG" in SSF4 AE (Xbox360)


I realized that 2xhalf circle motions ultras (guy, honda etc…) are EXTREMELLY difficult to do if i do a quick motion! The ultra just comes if i do a slowly motion, doing the first motion, pause and the other. It is doing Guy´s ultra 2 unusable because it´s slow already and you need OS or frame traps to get into. I got back to SSF4 it is working like a charm.

I need that you guys test it on SSF4, change to AE and reply here. It seemed very strange because if Capcom would remove shortcuts, all other motions are OK and the shortcuts are all there.


Confirmed!! It IS a bug…

Various reports of this command bug here with friends…


I haven’t had any problems doing 2xHCBs with Hawk.


There is no issue.


Yes, THERE IS an issue… pick Guy or E.Honda, (i have not tried T. Hawk) go training and try to do ultra 2 in a quick motion ( i tried on ssf4 mode and missed NONE). It ALWAYS do ex-Hozanto instead ultra 2 on Arcade Edition mode. It comes if you do a slow and paused motion between the half circles.

Try it and report here please. I got various positive feedbacks about this bug.


Need a video with input display turned on, otherwise it’s far more likely that you’re just screwing up your inputs.

Would love to test and confirm but PSN is scrubbing out and doesn’t have AE yet.


Or you just at your inputs.


ok, i will post a SSF4 video and AE video with the same inputs… wait a minute


Ok, i upped the videos to youtube, i never heard of capcom that they would difficult only THIS command…

Here is how it works on SSF4 and SSF4 mode on AE:

Here is how it “works” on SSF4 AE mode:

So, is it a bug or not?


Meh. I had no issues with it, be it with Guy, Honda, Hawk or Oni.



Just did Ibuki’s U1 twenty times in a row. Make sure you’re doing two full HCB motions.


i didn’t notice this, i don’t think it’s a problem… now Gief’s extended grab range is a different story.


You messed up the inputs.


It getting obvious by this point, but just figured I’d add that I’ve had no issues.

It’s you, man.


Not entirely him, but not a bug either. I’ve had the same problems as have others. They tightened up the input. It was much more lenient in Super.


2x hcb is definitely different in AE


Played a few matches with AE Honda yesterday I messed it up a few times aswell. I figured it was just my poor execution. Meh, ex ochi was fine for me aswell so I just rolled with it.

Not exactly sure if this is a bug or just the less leniency in AE for this particular motion. Doubt it is the leniency thing though, IF they would reduce leniency on any input it should’ve been shoryuken which is ridiciously easy and has been for the past versions.

Might just be the characters who had their ultra’s input revamped tbh.

People who are so sure nothing’s changed, go be not helpfull somewhere else, nobody likes you.


maybe someone who has played both arcade and console version of AE can comment.


Im having the same problem with Oni. I NEVER mess this input up on ssf4 and im messing it up 4 or 5 times out of 10. Im not sure whats up.


2xHCB shortcut in super was HCB, DF, B. Maybe they removed this shortcut in AE?