Possible Cammy/Dee Jay backstory by Andrew Hou?

I was doing some googling earlier today and I stumbled upon this image (the third of 4 images)… which features Cammy and Dee Jay duking it out

Erik, if you could confirm whether or not this is going to be a backstory or was it scrapped?


P.S. Please don’t throw any pending lawsuits my way because I found this on PUBLIC DOMAIN…


It was a four page story posted in a magazine a while back (Newsweek?) ^^ I do believe it’s “canon to the comic”, though. Wonder if it’ll ever get published anywhere else. In a TPB someday?


Newtype magazine.

And they do this because they want more of your money when they make a TPB out of the back-ups. They arent even sure they should announce this or not.

They started saying there would be a back-up TPB, then that they wouldnt release one. Why would they lie like that? To make you buy every monthly issue - the back-ups are not in the previously released TPB, of course.

They want people to buy the TPB, but also want them to go back and buy the singles… Talk about greedy! Thats how much they want your money - money over respect.

Screw the fanbase, right?

Even as a fan thing, every business needs its consumers to survive, they don’t make people buy them, it’s up to the fans as to whether they will buy it or not.
Get over it, that’s the modern world.

First off, if you’re going to go accusing Erik of something, why don’t you call him out by his name instead of masking it with “they”?

Second, if the backstories have forced you to buy the issues already, what is it that’s forcing you to buy the TPB as well? The cover image? Give me a break.

Third, let’s not pretend that a $9.99 cover price for a 6.5-issue TPB with a cover gallery is extortion.

Fourth, are you saying that Udon somehow makes money or scores a point every time some fan has to go and dig up a back-issue of Newtype? SF is a multi-medium property, with ties to games, anime, manga, toys, comics and Juwanna Mann. That means there are a lot of places where promo material can and should appear. In another words, why should anyone be surprised that there was a four-page SF Comic promo in Gamepro magazine or Newtype magazine? It’s more of an advertisement than anything else. If you’re enough of a collector to want to spend money on the thing, then go ahead and do it. If you just care about following the main story of the comic, i’m sure you can find a summary of what happened in those FOUR PAGES somewhere in this forum. It’s safe to say you aren’t missing out on a world of adventure by not owning that issue of Newtype.

Fifth, Erik is running a business, and in sales of any sort, you have to ASK people for their money. They aren’t just going to donate it to you. Since we all want Udon to do well so that they keep making SF issues and so that it’ll prove that SF is a valuable property worth investing time into, what’s the fucking problem with him trying to run his business well?

Finally, if they choose to release a backup story TPB, i’m sure it will more than worth the money to anyone who doesn’t want to keep searching through twenty issues of the SF comic just to look up one thing. And again, as someone who’s been “cheated” into buying all of the actual issues, you don’t have to buy the damn thing.

Give it a rest man.

Had you bought the single issues in the first place, you’d have no need to buy the TPB. Unless you’re a collector of course. Leaving the back-stories and such out makes the single issues retain their value, and makes the harcore fans who were there from the start feel appreciated. We get something that other people don’t because we believed in the project from the beginning (AKA…RESPECT). Oh…and Udon is a business. In order for them to keep pumping out kick ass comics, they do need to make money. Durrrrr.

Go team go!

TPB is for greedy fans that cant spend 3 $ per month for the DREAM… Greedy Pays Twice!!!

Time_Stop, I don’t believe that’s a fair assessment of why UDON decided to exclude the backstories from the TPB. As Erik had previously stated in a similar thread, the reason to exclude the back stories was to preserve the value of the back-issues. By including the back-stories in the TPB, it negates all incentive and reason to buy the actual individual issues of the Street Fighter comic itself and puts more of an incentive into buying the TPB, effectively eroding that revenue stream which allows them to pool more resources into making the highest quality Street Fighter comic possible.

I, myself as a collector would be pretty pissed off if UDON suddenly decided to include EVERYTHING from all issues into their TPB… after spending about $36 USD all together on “Cover A” issues for instance, I could’ve got it all in one volume for $10 USD?? It’s not about greed, it’s about what makes business sense!.. and UDON is a business/thriving entity. We’re living in a capitalist society, and the bottom line is - money makes the world go round… get over it!!


I’ve never really had the time to check out this forum, but decided to check around for fun and saw my name! I think it’s a good time for me to persoanlly thank all the fans out there for the continuing support! :slight_smile: anyways ya, the 4 pager cammy vs deejay was a story for the 1 year anniversary Newtype USA book. Whether or not it’ll be printed else where, gotta bug/ask erik hehe. Thx again guys!


DUDE~ this is like so awesome… It’s really cool that some of the artists are dropping by and checking out WE (their consumer base) really feel about the stuff that they’re pumping out. Thanks for responding to my thread Andrew! I don’t believe I can find anywhere else the level creator/fan interaction that is found here right in these shoryuken.com forums!

It’d be nice if Arnold, Alvin, and Ken would drop by once every so often, but knowing their hectic schedule, would it be too much to ask?? :smiley:

So far, according to my memory, Rey, LeSean Thomas, Ale Garza and most recently Andrew Hou have given their two-cents on their involvement in this ever-evolving Street Fighter project. Thanx dudes~

Yeah, I wanna hear from Ken hints on where he’s taking the story. It’s also pretty cool to have Erik posting on here pretty regularly; we’re pretty lucky. Please relay to Alvin: Let’s see a Ryu and Evil Ryu cover!


By the way, does Alvin Lee have a website?

Yeah that would be awesome! :smiley:

I agree with and fully support Udon’s SF comic. Hell, I even bought the issue of Newtype with Cammy/Dee Jay in it. (Not the GamePro though, all the comics in the world couldn’t make me pay money to read GamePro…)

they could’ve at least included the Ryu/Sagat and Charlie/Guile backups seeing as they tie into the issues though…


Damn nice artwork man! Very impressed!

Ain’t it hard to draw a cannon Spike? But you pulled it off with style. Liking the crazy angles. I wanna see the whole thing!

Ah, come on… Gamepro ain’t that bad… I used to have a subscription myself. :slight_smile:



do you mind showing us more of those pics of yours or maybe sketches of cammy?

Thx again guys, ya you can find some of my stuff…


or here’s the main website for Arn, his brother, herb, and my artwooks :slight_smile:


Wow, you’ve got the entire four-page Cammy story on your website! That’s pretty nice of you, not making us spend 10 bucks on a magazine for four pages of promo story.

There are so many amazing SF illustrations scattered throughout your page too. I love that Akuma with the crazy motion-blurred beads. Also the Bison one in your daily updates page where he’s charging up for a psycho crusher or something. How come you never drew any Guile ones? Maybe some combo vids will inspire you : )