Possible clear protection for HRAP EX

waiting until my buttons come to take the film off my HRAP EX and by the looks of it the HRAP will end up being scratched a few weeks after that. I don’t know if anyone here is familiar with theinvisibleSHIELD but I’ve used one on my iPhone and think the product is amazing and maybe wouldn’t be a bad idea to cover the faceplates of arcade sticks, as far as I know if its for a product they don’t have one cut for you can get a custom sized piece. I’m thinking of trying this if my stick starts getting scratched. The way you apply the shield though has me thinking that custom artwork would have to be water resistant for this to work on custom art. This idea popped in my head today when I requested a free replacement for my iPhone shield which they do honor with no questions asked! If I decide to try this I’ll post the results

How convenient.

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I wouldn’t know either way, adblock ftw!:rofl:

Eh I don’t like this stuff, it has a rough texture.

Thanks, pal.

I figured. Thought it was funny though.

it is actually very smooth and shiny, my phone with it on slides in and out of my jean pockets like normal, its a tiny bit tacky also, hard to explain the texture

I just use power support screen protectors for my iPhone.

For my HRAP I am gonna use LamiLabeled artwork.

You should try Phantomskinz. In my opinion, I think Phantomskinz is better in term feel. It’s really smooth and not as “grippy” when compared to Invisibleshield. If you really want to go cheap, but still want the same quality and feel as the Invisiblesheild you should check out Bestskinsever.

Just a suggestion.