Possible dual modded TE


is it possible to mod a ps3 te with a pcb off a 360 te?




i gave up looking for a 2nd case… so i bought a cheap ps3 TE… so im gonna try to get it done… is there a walkthrough on how to do it?


Step 1:
Hack Xbox 360 PCB
Some photos from this thread might be useful

Step 2:
DualMod it.

Step 3:

If you want one USB Cord, use a DPDT or Imp Switch.

Unfortunately the PS3 dual mod is not a popular option. I don’t know if there is a walk through.

Edit: Now I know! and knowing is half the battle! GeeeeEEEYYEE JOEEEEEE.



rtdzign, love the GI JOE saying. :stuck_out_tongue:


Can probably skip step one. Considering the TE’s PCB doesn’t really require hacking open a pad. Or trigger inversions. Heck, if you got crafty enough, you could probably keep the Turbo and RS/LS/DP functionality.


This tutorial is kinda sloppy, but it’ll get you started.


Doesn’t mention a DPDT switch but I’d recommend getting one.


i have a pcb of a TE 360 and i just bought a ps3 TE and im trying to combine them together…


Yes, you can do that.

Connect Directions to Directions.
Connect Buttons to Buttons.
Connect Ground to Ground.
Connect +5V to +5V.

Either have two USB cables going out.
Or use DPDT Switch or Imp to have only one USB going out.


i think im going with the switch… thnx jdm for the info…