Possible Factory Atrox (XB1)+ PS 360+ Hori FC4 (PS4) Mod

Hey Guys i’m looking in to making a stick with a

**- A Xbox one Atrox stick PCB
-A PS360+ W/ A Hori fighting commander 4 connected

  • Toodles imp v.2
  • and DUCT TAPE **

I’m wondering what parts i need and advice about what problems you may have when doing the mod. I’m new at modding so any advice will be great and if this is not possible what modifications do need to make.Thank you in advance

  1. Possible? Anything is possible with enough time, money, and investment in learning about what you’re doing.

  2. Why the duct tape?

  3. Why not ask in the [Absolute Question and Answer thread](Absolute Question and Answer Thread v.3 (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!)

  4. How is your PS360+ dual-modded with the Hori FCP4?

  1. What FreedomGundam said
  3. Also what FreedomGundam said
  4. Photos required