Possible fight stick mods

since most mods been posted all over the internet i think it would be alot easier just to have all possible mods for both Se and Te edition fight sticks

any feed back is greatly appreciated

Short and Dirty List
Button and joystick replacement/ customizations
Replace top panel art
Add bottom panel art
Paint case
Replace the actual top panel with a panel with a different layout
Light up Ball top, buttons and case.
RJ45 (or other connector) for Multi-Console, See Dual Mod

Most of those mods can be found here

Possibilities are pretty much limited to whatever you want, aside from using american parts. Well, you could do that, but it’s still a tough mod.

Changing joystick, changing ball top to bat top, plexiglass front panel or over artwork (TE only), console swap, project boxing, changing the metal faceplate for new layouts, wireless mods, anodized shaft covers for colored metallic looks, custom balltops and buttons, joystick modifications, etc. The list is huge. You can always check out the Arcade Stick thread sticked at the top for inspiration.

most sound like exterior custom changes what about along the lines of hardware for example multi-platform controls and wireless fight stick intel?

any feed back is greatly appreciated

For those, you must add or replace a Printed Circuit Board. For wireless, you must use official controllers and take the PCB out of those controllers and place in TE or SE.

For multi-console, you must add in a Multi-Console Cthulhu, which will do about all consoles you would need, except for xbox 360, so you must dual mod with the original 360 PCB. But if you want to do that, you should check out Toodles “kitty” boards, which can be placed in without soldering a thing. They’re designed for the TE and VLX, but SE uses the same PCB as TE, so it works for that, too.

thanks this set me in the right direction, my madcatz marvel vs capcom 2 Te thanks you
got any ideas on how to make it wireless??

thanks again

It really depends on which mod you want to do. You have a 360 PCB, a high quality set of parts, and one of the most moddable and modded sticks on the market. Check the intro thread that Darksakul linked. That thread has about every mod you could want. If you look at the arcade stick thread, you can see the millions of mods done to TEs. Chances are, if there is a mod out there, the TE can have it done to it.

If you’re serious about learning to mod, read this site before asking more questions:


It will save you a lot of time.

Only limits on mods are the limits that exist in your mind.
If you can think of an idea, and have the knowledge and skill to pull it off, anything possible.

I do not suggest wireless mods, mainly because I have that old-school mistrust in wireless controllers.
Back in the NES and SNES eras Wireless is not worth its

It’s not really an old school mistrust as there is still a very real issue of wireless lag.
If your trying to perform at a high level where execution and timing are a must then you want to avoid this pitfall at all costs.

Wireless lag in the standard PS3 and 360 controllers has already been disproven. Lag is only an issue with lower-frequency RF. The bigger problem with wireless controllers is with console affinity and large groups of users (e.g. tournaments).

There is also the batteries issue. You ether dealt with AA or AAA batteries or had a rechargeable Nickle cadmium, Nickle Hydroxide or Lithium battery back.
Many of these batteries are not swappable like a Six Axis controller.

Nothing is worst than being in the middle of any multiplayer game when a battery decides to die, especially if it is online.

I know about the disproved lag from PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii controllers, and that isn’t my issue.
It is the wireless controllers from the previous generations of gaming that earn my distrust of wireless. For 1, I do not find the Game Cube Wavebird controller reliable, last person who handed me a wavebird for a Smash Bro tournament almost got a black eye. And other wireless controllers I tried for the PS2 and Game cube ether drop inputs or goes to sleep if your inactive longer than a minuet. Any ways forget low Feq RF controllers, I still remember the shear annoyance factor that infrared wireless controllers produce. If the controller is not exactly lined up with the receiver, you lost connection, also a TV remote causes interferance.

It has actually not been dis proven,even toodles himself states then in a controlled environment close to the system he showed little signs of lag,not that in you would be able to use it long term with no lag.

Not to mention the shit ton of variables that could cause an issue.

Infrared controllers are the devil.

Well of course it isn’t proven literally impossible. There’s just not a known real issue with lag. Reliability due to interference, maybe. It isn’t as reliable as a wired controller. But the PS3 and 360 1st party wireless PCBs don’t lag in Toodles’ tests, or in any of my own tests either. Toodles tested up to 10ft away, which is about as long as most wired pads will reach.

so what exactly is the wireless tech called to make an xbox Te fightstick wireless and rechargable that could work along with a toodle kitty PCB ?

no you cannot

Kitty is not wireless, nor is there anything to make it wireless, unless you are an electrical engineer. The closest thing is the Leo V2 board.

Project Leo Thread

The leo v2 allows you to dual mod a Sixaxis, Common Ground 360 wireless and a PiiWii PCB for wireless action.