Possible FREE candy cab and other arcade cabs in LA

Alright SRK,

I just came across this link on the byoc forums and saw this. Hanaho games is giving away free cabinets in the LA area right now.

Check this out:


In one of the picture I can see a candy cabinet. I think it is an OK Baby! cabinet. It would be perfect for practically any fighting game. If you want this thing you better get on it quick, like within minutes of me posting this probably.

Additionally, there are a lot of other cabs available for free. The virtua fighter cab pictured would be very easy to convert to play any other game you want to play, including all CPS2 and 3 games. I can also see a Neo-Geo cabinet.

wow that is sweet. I wish I was down in LA. Temped to drive down there from SF…hrm…