Possible Grudge Match Suggestion

(part of the post)

Anyways, fanatiq seems very confident about his game to be able to make such a statement, and I would assume he would accept any money match in PS2 against anyone and he would back himself up/others would back him up with a large amount of $$$. I’m also pretty sure many ppl would back Justin/Yipes, so this could potentially get big $ as an special event or in the BYOC room.

Seemed like this could get interesting.

I don’t understand this. Is Fanatiq saying he prefers to play on arcade cabinets? If so…what does that have to do with him needing to play on PS2?

yeah im confused by that as well

so am i, but it wont matter he will lose to jwong and yipes regardless wht system its on

And why would he even want to play on that version?!

think he’s saying he prefers ps2 not the other consoles because he uses pad and one button dash

^ Dirt Mc Girt is right, now tht he pointed tht out i remember fanatiq sayin he was only losing cuz he had a laggy converter

No more theory money matches.