Possible issues with my stick?


So I’ve been playing a lot of the MvC2 rerelease and I’ve run into a few issues that I think are stick related.

First of all, I’m using the sf4 SE

Every button registers properly and I haven’t had a problem with it before execpt for these two cases:

dashing( in pretty much every circumstance, just can’t consistenly pull off dashes, including air dashes)

and tagging to my first assist

I know its not execution b/c I can tag my 2nd assist perfectly fine and can pull of hyper combos whenever. This leads me to believe the issues are stick side. I don’t really know all the in’s and out’s of sticks b/c this is my 1st one. Would the solution be as simple as replacing the buttons or is it more complicated than that?


does the assist button work outside of the game? you say you can pull off hyper combos… does this include the three-member hyper combos (can’t remember what they’re called)? i’d imagine that it could be a broken wire connection or a faulty board, the first one seeming more likely. other than that i can’t really think of anything else. if the three-member combos work, then there probably isn’t anything wrong with the stick.

as for dashing, i don’t think anything can really go wrong on the stick side as long as it’s still working.


its not the assist button itself b/c i don’t have any issues with thc’s or calling assists , it seems to be the lp button

i’m using the stock buttons that come with the SE and from most accounts i hear they suck pretty bad… i was planning on upgrading the buttons anyway so could that help at all?




I’d suggest going to training and putting the inputs display on and try the inputs out slowly.

Try to systematically go through each button/button combination that you think are causing the problem (in your case, lp, lp+hp etc etc)

With the input you can sorta see whats going on.

And since you planning on upgrading the buttons, you may try to open your SE once you figured out what button is causing the problem.


didn’t think about input display… thats a good idea thanks man


well lets us know whats the problem, im sure we’ll know what to do once you’ve pinpointed the cause of the non-registering input