Possible? Kara (EX) Mantis Slash

The first hit of EX Mantis Slash itself has great reach and speed. So sometimes it even catches opponent off guard for 5 free slashes. Most blocked attacks can be punished with Mantis Slash or EX Mantis Slash.

However, sometimes attacks pushed you or them too far apart to punish.
Sometimes, the opponent is at a distance just outside (EX) Mantis Slash.
I read that any normal move can be cancelled into any command move.
So technically it would be possible to Kara into EX Mantis for even greater reach.

Is this technique already used in high level play? Or is the extra distance too insignificant? I would imagine that the MP would be used to Kara, because far MP moves Yang forward quite a bit.

Though this dick is banned, what do the rest of you think about kara-slashes?

I’ve never actually heard of it being used.

So nobody has tried doing this? I imagine that it would be a useful technique.