Possible Ladder play online (similar to gamebattles)


Hey so my dad has a website called mynuffworld.com and hes getting an article in gameinformer for it. Its a website/community for people that like to have competitive and fairly serious games in a game of their choice. We arent big yet but his racing and golf league is VERY big, he wants us to get a ladder going for a fighting game and I tried with super sf4, but no one came. Id like to try this again with SFxT we have a new ladder system up and ready, alot easier to use and nicer looking. Everythings still speculation I just want to know if ANYONE is INTERESTED in joining. If there is interest I will create the ladder and we can have tournaments for prizes and standings, seed points, allllll the good stuff to create a nice online warrior community XD and help my dads business grow.

An explanation of the ladder:
When you join nuffworld you are automatically linked to the ladder systems. You pick a ladder and join it based on the game you want to play. IF we were to make an SFxT ladder, we would have a challenge system in which you issue a challenge for a certain time frame, and someone (anyone for the MOST part) can accept it. You dictate the format (best of 3/FT5 or something of that nature) and then you have the match. if there is a dispute, well there is a replay system on sfxt and Im SURE we can work it out, its not that hard. Your wins and losses are all tracked, and when there enough people we will have seasonal grand tournaments along with non-registration tournaments to bring people in.

Thank you for your time and possible interest, Just let me know if you would play on the ladder, like i said before, and I’ll make it happen


Always thought that kind of thing would be interesting. I wouldn’t let players dictate format on a per-match basis though. Make it FT5, or whatever, across the board … it has to be consistent for the results to be meaningful.


yeah that makes sense, probably FT5’s across the board… or ill hold a poll to see what people would prefer! thanks for your input! try to share with your friends to see if theyd like to play, meanwhile ive gotta spam my recent sfxt players lol XD


From UK, would like to join!


Sounds pretty cool, I’d be down.


great! just remember to invite others, id like atleast 6-10 players and so far this would 4. If we get enough i’ll give instructions on this thread on how to sign up, its pretty easy