Possible Low-tier side tourney at evo! Discussion greatly appreciated


Tourney will be SNK only characters, with all grooves allowed.


It looks more like a non top tier rather than a low tier list, even then it looks inconsistent to me.

Ban Sagat/Cammy/Blanka but allow RC Bison?
Ban C/A-Ken but allow N-Ken/Iori/Rolento/A-Kyo/Hibiki?
Ban RC Chun/Honda but allow RC Guile?

I’d say ban Sagat/Cammy/Blanka/Bison/Sakura/Vega and allow everybody else.

The idea is good, I’m curious to see what other people think of it.


I don’t know, Side tourney is cool, random select side tourney would be cool. But an actual imposed low tier tourney seems lame. Just get better with your lower tier characters. If Iyo can do it, so can you.


I like how the K is missing from Geese’s bracket. :lol:


i think some sort of succinct ruling is going to go a lot further, even if it makes some omissions that people won’t like

“no characters from sf2 or sfa”

so that bans ken guile honda blanka chun vega sagat bison sakura

(sfa double upper doesn’t count; yun eagle and maki are legal)

…unfortunately it also bans rolento dan dhalsim gief balrog ryu akuma, but i think that’s vastly preferable to people asking if/why/should character X is banned

upon further thought, those stipulations ban the entire capcom side except for kyosuke yun eagle morrigan and maki. alternatively, just a straight up snk tourney would probably make more sense


It’s not so much low tier whining, it’s more for sake of variety so people can see more than A-are or K-CBS. A side tournament in addition to a regular tournament to make things more interesting. Like MvC2 usually has a low tier tournament in addition to the regular tournament at majors.

Sounds interesting.


You know, I totally forgot about that suggestion, which is what it should be now. I should have looked through my logs :looney:


Iyo wins.

If it’s all SNK, the best A-Team would probably be Hibiki, Todo/Iori, Kyo2.


There should be a meter-less tourny.


lets ban the snk side


Why would you do that when Capcom side has Sagat, Cammy, Blanka, Vega, Bison, Do I have to keep going?


and make Street Fighter: the New Millenium Edition


yes keep going please


KOF chars only would be nice.


The SNK side has GEESE (seriously why EVERYONE ignores Geese BROKENESS?), Rock, Kyo, Iori,Hibiki, Vice… Do i have to keep going?


I see what you did there.

But yeah pretty much its going to be SNK only tourney.


thats pretty fair since the majority of the top/high tier characters are from capcom. Too bad i aint gonna b able to go:sad:


i want dan and kyosuke banned. along with S groove king


Those characters are all really good but none of them are nearly as dominant as A-ARE or K-CBS.


A snk-only tournament sounds good, fair or not.