Possible Multi-Monitor solution


So I’ve basically been trying to do something that I though would be very simple play a full screen PC game on one monitor and use the smaller one for utilities. After A LOT of Google and searching and trying out programs I think I finally have something that ALMOST does it what I want it to.

Basically, you run the game in windowed mode and then get Autohotkey and this script.

Run the script and press Win+F11 to go into “full screen”, it won’t force the window to minimize if you touch something else because it’s not actually in full screen, it’ll just look that way.

My problems with this? It goes to the “primary” monitor. Which is an issue, because that means anything new you open will go behind or in front of your game.

It’s also an issue because some games do not have windowed options (in my case the test game was Sonic Generations which has no windowed option).

I was hoping there would be some quick text I could change in the script to make it open on the secondary monitor.

Or there could be some ridiculously easy setting I’m missing. Either way, thanks for looking.


What I end up doing is using a program called DisplayFusion. I’m not sure if the non-pro version can do it, but you can force windows to come in certain screens. only


But does this solve the issue of minimizing or the issue of full screening/


There isn’t a great way around this other than to play windowed and just try to ignore the few pixels of clipping you’ll get trying to put the full size window in the right place.


You can actually force spplications to remember where you put them/closed them in Windows.


Great! How do I do it?


I believe this is a misunderstanding of the question. If a game wants to go full screen on the primary monitor it’s going to do just that. The only way around it would be to edit the config files and tell it to point to the secondary monitor instead. Some/most games won’t have a config file for you to specify this option.

Windows should remember where you placed your windows but it sounds like you’re asking about going FULL SCREEN, which Windows won’t remember anything about that - other than it takes up the primary monitor.


Funny thing about that, certain games have in the settings which monitor you use. So useful. Still a pain in the ass when you click something on the other monitor it minimizes it.


Why wouldn’t you want to use the primary monitor when playing games? Just set the better monitor to be the primary monitor and have whatever else you want to run open in the secondary monitor.


Primary monitor is smaller? Primary monitor not in the right position? I know the problem he’s talking about, even if I flip how they are orientated in Windows it always opens up my games on the left monitor, probably because that’s how it’s plugged in to my card but that’s besides the point. Sometimes your primary monitor isn’t the one you wanna use.


Very simple. I want EVERYTHING to open there EXCEPT full screen games my primary monitor is a small computer monitor my secondary one is my 47 inch TV.

I’d want to be able to play games while using my PC. If I set the TV as primary it still minimizes the game every time I click something else not to mention if I open something else it will open BEHIND the game. It’s a mess.


You can reassign which monitor is the primary one.


Yeah what you’re looking for is full screen emulated (or full screen noborder if you play Valve games). This just straight up Doesn’t Exist for 90% of the games you want it to. If you make something full screen there will be no way to click anywhere outside the window without it minimizing. Your only option is to play in windowed and just drag the window where you want it.

It’s not an ideal setup but that’s what you get when you make half-baked PC ports :frowning:

There might be some kind of application that removes the window decorations so you could have a full screen look without being fullscreen but they are usually tailor made for the application in question - I haven’t been able to find any “universal” programs like this in the few times I’ve searched for something like this in the past.


My first post has a thing that does just that. The only problems I had was that it went to the primary monitor and a few games don’t even have windowed options.