Possible MvC2 Cab Purchase


So I was going to a local movie theater the other day, and before the movie I decided to look at their arcade section. I was surprised to find out that they had an MvC2 Cab in there, but on one side a stick was completely missing.

Anyhow, I was thinking I might make an offer to the manager of the theater for the cab, but I don’t really know how much these go for, I was wondering if anyone could give me advice on how much I should pay for this, keep in mind I can (probably) reduce the price a bit due to the missing stick.

Thanks for the help!


supply us some photos, so that we can analyze the cab’s current state. I think then we can come to a more reasonable offer, and give you contentions that you can raise to manager as to why he should give it up for a cheap price. :party:


I will attempt to grab some photos this weekend maybe, but the cab seemed to be in fairly good condition other than the missing stick.


A lot of times the movie theaters only lease the space out to other companies, I know this is the case for Regal theaters


Yeah go for it, but the machines are usually rented out.


Well shit, this is a regal theater, looks like i’m out of luck.


You could always offer to buy it from the distributer…

Any stickers on the machine that say where its from?


Yeah the operator will be the person to talk to. Make an offer on it even if they say it is not for sale. All cabs all operators have are for sale.

Also, don’t let him high ball you on it. Ops will often exaggerate how much cabs are worth or how much they paid for them. I wouldn’t pay over $500 for the cab plus the game.

What type of cab is it? There really is no such thing as an MVC2 cab. There are only conversions of other cabinets with an a Naomi and a Marvel cartridge. If you buy this cab you can optionally buy other Naomi games and use them too. I think CVS1 should be as easy as changing cartridges.

The stick being broken won’t bring the price down much. A new comp stick is less than $10.