Possible new ken infinite and ken guard breaks



Dont know if anyone reads this anymore, but ill post anyway. So after reading higher jins ken faq i thought id pick him up for casual play as a replacement for mags in msp. Well after stuffing around with him for a while i ended up finding a few things that can really help increases kens win ratio. Ken is a beast in this game and as long as the level of comp you play isnt stupidly high you can score a good win ratio by using ken, provided he has the team to back him up. First of all ill put up the (possible) new infinite i found with him. (dont know if someone else has done this already)

Against juggs
c.lk, c,.mk into sents projectile assist, [j.lp, jm.k, Hk hurricane kick] repeat in brackets
This IS NOT a corner infinite. Simply connect into sents projectile assist, jump foward into lp and mk then immediately do HK hurricane kick (should get three hitsof the hurricane kick) then rejump foward and repeat. You have to rejump foward reasonably fast for it to connect but its not that difficult. Ive managed to do 40 hits of this before i stuffed it up. Also when you get to the corner you have to change to his normal normal jump straight up hurricane kick infinite, but for some reason i find this rather difficult with jugs :confused:.
One more thing about the infinite is that i havnt tested it with other assists or other setups. Its reasonbly useless anyway since NOONE seems to use jugs anyway.

Ok now to the more useful stuff.
When using ken i mainly just use higher jins team(ken, storm, psylocke; also does this team have a name? KSP? Team Higher Jin?) But ive found him effective by teaming him up with storm and sent (both on projectile assist) or mags and sent(again both projectile). All of the strats for ken/storm/pstlocke are in higher jins thread, but there are a few neat tricks that were not mentioned.
1.) Before the match use the switch trick and have ken start on point. When the match starts use the instant overhead lk+psylockeAAA. Only do the one lk, as if your opponent blocks low the lk will combo into the AAA and youll have enough time to land and launch them into kens ultra damage hurricane kick air combo(if you do more then one lk then the opponent will be able to roll 90% of time, so for consistency just do 1). Since youve switched trick ken then once you condition your opponent to block high you can start mixing it up with c.lk, c.mk+PsylockeAAA into air combo. Learn the timing of hitting just before the OTG as most plp by now can roll right out of psylockes AAA.
Note: If playing against any character with a one frame move(…mags) who switch tricks then you basiclly have to take the back seat and wait to see what they’ll do (you can try and hope they do nothing, but its risky and if they do do anything then your ken is 50% health down from the start :sad:
Oh yea the instant overhead at the beginning of the match has been fucked numerously by an on point sent backed up with capcom, and im sure there are numerous other ways to screw this that plp I play just havnt done.
2.) After an air combo (launch sj,lp HK hurricane kick) on the way down both character recover before they hit the ground. This means that ken can lk etc or or throw while still in the air or simply land and go straight into a HK throw. This also means that your opponent can throw you while in the air etc. Now if playing against plp who know taht you recover in the air then its no biggie, jab their ass on the way down to avoid the throw(only seems to work like 50/50), but if your opponent hasnt wised up to it(and alot havnt) then you can mix up ur landing with the instant overhead into psylocke AAA into aircombo, c.lk, c.mk psylocke AAA into aircombo or HK throw. NOTE mash like hell on the HK throw, but you should already know that.
3.) guard breaks
As far as i know ken only has guard breaks with assists. On a snapback/dead character, when the opponents character is coming simply to a j.lk+Psylocke AAA. If done right the j.lk will break their use their guard and take them out of block stun before pyslocke assist hits, leaving ken to launch into an air combo. Although i havnt tested this, im thinking that if the opponent decides to not block the j.lk then the hit stun might be long enough to combo into psylockes AAA, leaving another opening to AC. Ive landed this when me and my opponent were just jumping around as well, so this can be very useful in getting ken that combo starter he needs. Ive also found one with sents projectile assist. On this one do j.lk+assist, j.mk. This one does work but its results are incosistent and ive had trouble launching them after.
Anyway thats about all I can think with ken right now, If anyone else actually gives a crap and reads this i might put down my other ken teams strats and such, but right i cant be bothered. Also if anyone is even thinking about using read higher jins ‘the last ken thread youll need’ FAQ. Oh and ken gets fucked by an unfly stomp crazy sent, but then again who doesnt.:arazz:


try this inf on sent: [normal jump fp, hk, lp lk]. really easy.


I’m not going to try to recreate it, but Juggs can just do a tech roll (safe fall) once he touches the ground after the hurricane kick, easily espacing from your combo.


That’s a tight ken-finite man. big props to ya.


That makes absolutely no sense whatever. Kens AIR hurricane kick doesnt knock them to ground. At no time can juggs tech roll. Maybe you should try to recreate it.