(Possible) New Stick Maker =)

Hey Guys,

Im new to this forum (found out about it through a friend just a few weeks ago) and decided to start making my own custom sticks; ive built custom computers and audio gear (from scratch pedals and EQ's and the like) for a while, but thought that making an arcade stick would be a great project that would combine my love of electronics, art, and video games! 

Due to the positive response from those i have shown my stick to i thought i would throw some pics up here and see what you guys thought of my work! 

In Addition, im thinking of making more and selling them to make some cash for college, and I would love to hear some feedback on what you guys would want in a stick; this one is built with myself in mind (sanwa joystick and buttons wired for PS2) and id like to know what someone else might want on theirs :wink:

Thanks in Advance,


nice stick dude

Very nice work. I hope you do decide to start making more sticks. I’d like to see more of your work. =)

Looks like you’re off to a good start.

nice stick. are u willing to make a stick out of metal?

that stick looks nice. :tup:

Pretty slick. Are you using painted MDF or some kind of hard plastic for the case. I can’t tell from the pics. If it’s MDF, that’s a hella nice paint job, if it’s hard plastic, I’d be interested to know the properties of the material. Is it heavier, easier to work with, etc.


Yea its entirely MDF, i plan to make them out of hard wood as well; just starting out with the MDF for now (also the sides are actually a texturized paint different from the top for some kind of grip and style points i guess)

yea im open to just about anything