Possible Online Tournament w/Cash Prize?

My name is WSOP. I am an administrator on GodWeapon 1,2, and 3 servers in the Kaillera client. I also play poker for a living. Seeing as that I am one who likes to play for money, because of the added suspense and pressure aspects of this, I am considering holding a World Series of Capcom Online Fighting Game Tournament to be held sometime in February. I am attempting to get the SRK community to start playing online with Kaillera as well so the competition will be better. This tournament will consist of the following terms:

1)The Client used will be MAME32Kv0.64
2)The Server(s) to be used will/are GodWeapon 1,2, or 3 server… IP: for #1, for #2, and for #3 server.
3)All games, except for Marvel vs. Capcom will be played with the DEFAULT settings. I.E.—Don’t turn OFF regulation in A3, No Turbo 3 in ST, No damage or Time settings will be changed. The exception is Marvel Vs. Capcom, and the reason for this is, Flickering CAN be turned off. It just makes the game smoother. However, changing the timer to slow, and turning the damage up/down is NOT acceptable AT ALL. Setting Marvel vs. Capcom to Turbo 2 is NOT acceptable!
4)All of the Top 8’s matches in each game will be recorded, also any special requests for matches would be considered for recording purposes only.
5)The list of games to be played is as follows:
Street Fighter II:The World Warrior
Street Fighter II:Champion Edition
Street Fighter II:Hyper Fighting
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo
Street Fighter Alpha 2
Street Fighter Alpha 3
Xmen Vs. Street Fighter
Marvel Vs. Capcom 1

Most of the people that visit these forums pretty much know what is allowed and what isn’t.
SF2: No guile handcuffs glitch, freezing the game if you didn’t know.
CE: Nothing that I am aware of…
HF: Nothing that I am aware of…
ST:NO Akuma
A2:NO Shin Akuma
A3: Have to check on the rules for this. I believe it’s no L-ism and Juni/Juli, but not sure.
XSF:Nothing that I am aware of…
MvC:Nothing that I am aware of…

The cash prize is to be determined still. I am trying to pay Top 5 places, based on a point system for how you placed in each game. So learning all of the games is definitely to your advantage. However, turnouts for each particular game will also mean something.

Cash Prizes (To be determined) would look something like this:
1st overall-$3 per person X #of entrants overall divided by 50%

Example: If 12 for WW, 20 for CE, 15 for HF, 30 for ST, 10 for A2, 30 for A3, 25 for XSF, and 40 for MVC… Then that would be 182 people total. Therefore I would put $3 per person towards the prize pool. Winner gets 50% of 182x3 (546)= $273, 2nd gets $136.50, 3rd gets $68.25, 4th $34.13 and 5th $17.07. THIS IS AN EXAMPLE! NOT CONCRETE! I need feedback first. Also, there is NO entry fee, so it’s kinda like a freeroll for you poker heads.

Let me know what you people think, all comments and suggestions are accepted!

Thanks for your time,


People already get pissed enough when they lose because of lag.
I can’t imagine people taking it very well when they lose $5 because of it.

Hopefully this answers your concern.


If I could hang, I’d do it in a second.

Also, the games would be played over a series of days. World Warrior would commence the tournament by being on a Monday, then CE on Tuesday, HF on Weds. ETC ETC. Please feel free to make comments/suggestions in this thread.

awe… no vampire savior?
throw it on there just for shits and giggles please… even if its not for money.

Gbursine…If there’s enough serious interest, then that’s fine. However, one of my jobs is to monitor the number of each game that gets played on a daily basis. And VS is gets started an average of 3 times per day. And it’s only the same players really, Chibi, you, and one other person is always hosting it.

People I am not afraid to tweak this at all! Please give your input so this can be a successful tournament.


I’m sure a few people would use autofire. That’s the only drawback I can think of (from entering)

just give me my money for st now and everything will be good

nice idea i hope it pans out

what no ki?

Unfortunately, this is a Capcom only event. And only the top 5 OVERALL winners will get paid. Having WW isn’t a bad thing, but it can be removed.

for a3, all the hidden characters(all 3 of them) are selectable.

I recall that dude from vegas(i’m kicking myself for not remembering his name) playing rog in a3 in the US vs Japan thing way back when…

and of course, pple have looked into their vc’s.

general rule of thumb: if its not totally broken, and is arcade selectable, its tourney worthy(an extreem would be svc when it was still becoming infamous)

Sounds like a great idea to me, but i think the fact you have to pay to enter will put most people off, as they know there are others who will enter who are better than them. unless people think they have a chance of making a prize position i think most people won’t bother.

plz read b4 you post…

btw I dont understand… how the ranking works… is it ranking by overall games? or just one game?

This idea you have is cool but its beet thought of before… I too wanted to do this. I definatly see where your going (I would join in this) but here is the problem…

-Lag is ridiculous at times and people dont like losing over it.

-Getting that many people on one server would actually suck…

-Most people who play Mame go on just to play for sake of playing with friends or for practice.

  • Last and Most important: Setting all the information and peoples money strait would be RIDDICUOLOUSLY HARD… You have legal info, Mailing info, ext ext. personal crap too.

I think if you did somting seperate from Kailera and made somting where you can moniter cheating and your own specified servers for these games and set up your on website where people can enter there info (for money to be sent in and out) then you would have a go. This would require you spending alot of money and also kinda becoming like a poker online type thing; in which people have there own accounts and what not… This is goona cost you if u think u can pull this off for free then you are kidding yourself.

But otherwise good luck to ya!

whoops i misread it, it was just confusing to look at, things like there is no entry fee should posted in bold or on a seperate line, so people can clearly see it.

I wouldn’t be up for this (as I don’t play SF2) but it sounds like it could be fun, sure people don’t like losing over lag but with no fee to join in, it’s really just for fun, and if you do well and have a little lag luck, then you could pocket a few bucks too.

I agree that the logistics could be hard, the more people who join the harder it is to get matches coordinated, especially if you have X number of people all playing on monday, X on tuesday, etc. The higher the number the more complicated it could get for no shows, or late arrivals, and stuff like that.

Though I hope it works out, any attempts to organize and possibly create more online play is something I can appreciate. (Even if I don’t get on too much.)

id be up for it , id play hyper fighting and ST

I appreciate all the comments and concerns. This is just an idea, and maybe it can be worked out, maybe it can’t. As far as the money situation is concerned, people would e-mail me their information so I could promptly pay them. I have a paypal account, NETeller, Click2Pay, Moneybookers, Epassporte, EwalletXpress, can send it via Western Union (The fee would be taken out of the winnings), Money Order, Cashier’s Check (fee taken out of winnings), also a FirePay account. So that’s not really all that much of an issue.
Also, their would be a point system, sorta APEX style, based on the number of entrants. Also, I highly doubt that their would be more than 40-50 people per game on any given day, so that’s not really an issue either.
If I decide to do this, and whatever day I decide to do it on, it’s up to the players who want to spare some of their time to play a couple online games for a little cash. What do you think other tournaments do? Especially online? Do you think that they poll people and ask them what is the best time for it? No. They set a date, and the player(s) need to be ready to play. That’s it. No excuses. If you miss a day, then that’s going to hurt your chances overall, and you will need to step up your shit in another game. The tournament times are going to be strict. None of this 2 or 3 hour late stuff. Online tournaments don’t allow for that, and neither would I. It will start at a certain time, and the players that are in the server at that particular time, barring maybe 5 or 10 minutes at the very most, will be the players that are participating for the points in that particular game.

Sure there’s lag, and I am very aware of this. Some people have faster computers, some slower. Some have better controllers, MAS sticks, SNES pads, or keyboards. This is all old news. You bring your game and step up to the plate to take your best shot.

THERE WOULD BE NO ENTRY FEE. I am leaning towards $2 or $3 per entry to figure out the prize pool.

The point system would look like this:
If 30 people enter Marvel 1
1st=15 pts. (1/2 of the total entries for that game)
2nd=7.5 pts
3rd=5 pts.
4th=2.5 pts.

etc. etc. for the other games.


Thank You,

ST on Turbo 1 is a joke. Turbo 2 or bust.

Desi, I agree T2 as well. I will prolly modify the rules to allow the T2 setting on ST.