Possible other dlc character than Shuma and Jill


I went various time on the MVC3 officila site and when i go to the character page i found this announcement:

The Latest Challengers:
Hsien-Ko and Sentinel!
Want to know when the remaining characters are announced?

There are other character for sure, for at least of 38 cast members, but the question is:


Post your opinion and hope here.

Mine? Venom for Marvel, Megaman for Capcom


No, the question is, why can’t you read the rules?


Damn, there have been a TON of unauthorized threads started lately…

Things are hitting fever pitch, it’ll be nice when things settle and this site becomes a safe haven for the hardcore, once more.


This could have been posted in the general discussion sticky.

I made a new thread for subjects just like this and stickied it, the rumors and speculation ver.2 thread. USE IT or get infracted.