Possible SFxTK Leaked List?


source:Nearly the entire roster revealed along with lots of other juicy info. - Street Fighter X Tekken Message Board for PlayStation 3 - GameFAQs

"Had a chance to take the ride to Moscow at November 20 and caught a peek of Capcom’s work on Street Fighter x Tekken.

Hot information from Roughly, I can report on this:
The final list of characters is this
Capcom characters:
Dan Hibiki [unfinished]
M. Bison (dictator) [unfinished]
Vega(claw) [unfinished]
Cammy [no model yet]
Dhalsim [no model yet]
Zangief [no model yet]
Sakura [no model yet]
Akuma [no model yet]

Namco characters:
Kazuya Mishima
Jin Kazama
Nina Williams
Paul Phoenix [unfinished]
Christie Monteiro [unfinished]
Jun Kazama [no model yet]
Heihachi Mishima [no model yet]
King [no model yet]
Kuma [no model yet]
Forrest Law [no model yet]
Hwoarang [no model yet]
Yoshimitsu [no model yet]
However, less than half of the characters have been designed by the moment, models are half-finished only. “Unfinished” characters are still in the animation test (unrendered, missing animations and such).

  • The game will be a 2-characters tag, like Rival Schools or Capcom Fighting Jam, you can swap your characters between rounds.
  • There will be 13 characters from each series.
  • Target combos will be very important, each character have 3 or 4.
  • Air combos are achievable.
  • Each character has 2 Super combos (unconfirmed). Ultra combos can be performed when the player’s life is low.
  • The tag team Ultra combo is still in the game, each fighter have 2 or 3 ways to start or finish the Combo
  • Projectiles will be slower and weaker in this game (compared to vanilla SFIV) Some Tekken characters have “dash-like” special moves that allow them to surpass projectiles. Some other moves have projectile-evading properties.
  • Haven’t seen a Tekken character having projectile attacks. Judging by the character roster, it’s unlikely there would be.
  • Capcom’s fighter models will be certainly based on the Street Fighter ones, along some texture adaptations and such.
  • Ryu’s Joudan geri is back, as you watched in the video.
  • Chun-Li’s moves have some properties from the Alpha series (i. e. Alpha 3 Tenshokyaku anywhere juggle).
  • Ken has new moves and command moves.
  • Charge time for charge moves have been reduced.
  • Claw and dictator’s target combos allow them to charge their special moves.
  • Jin Kazama’s Ultra have him turning into Devil Jin.
  • Paul Phoenix’s moves had been taken mainly from his combo finishers (i. e. Dragon Thunder Bolt Palm).
  • Most “High” moves from Tekken characters are overhead command moves (a joystick direction plus a button).
  • Christie have a few moves resembling Street Fighter III’s Elena’s capoeira. Her First Super is Spinning Beat.
  • Jin and Kazuya share a couple moves, although they have different properties (like Ken and Ryu’s in SSFIIX)."

Sounds awesome, but the roster is a major disappointment.

My guess is Boxer (Balrog) and Fox will be the last two characters.


Ono said something about 35 total, so if that’s all true:

We need to add to the SF Side
C. Viper
E. Honda

Tekken Side


Interesting read.


Lame roster + Dimps developing = Game is going to suck donkey dick


Really doubt that they won’t include some of the really popular recent additions to the Tekken cast in Lili, Asuka, Steve and Bob… likewise no way DIMPS ignore their additions to the SFIV universe… Viper should be a lock… considering she’s getting into Marvel… Any list without those Tekken characters and DIMPS SFIV creations is going to be fake as fuck…


I really do not like DIMPS at all.


Fake. That is all.




I’ll be taking this list with a grain of salt, especially since I also heard about the game having more than 24 characters…

…but no Lei Wulong? o_o Hype goes down a few notches if true… T.T

And it is rather strange that it doesn’t list any new characters from either series. I definitely expected someone out of Rufus, Viper, Abel, Bob, Lili, Leo, etc. to make it in.

Again, taking this with a grain of salt…



Interesting stuff, stay free capcom lol


I play tekken and have to agree, this game is going to suck big time. Who is going to want to play this? I don’t see tekken players jumping on this 2d bandwagon and I don’t see enthusiastic SF players wanting to fight tekken characters. It has fail written all over it.


What the hell did you guys expect the roster to be?


not that there’s any reason at all to believe this is real, but i think maybe people want some SF characters that aren’t already in SF4


I was not interested in this until I saw her name.


Truly, the sad thing is, the roster is so “safe” and conservative that you can easily see this being real. :lol:

Ah well. The Namco side of the equation had the possibility of being more interesting any way.


My dreams of rocking team Bruce have been shattered :sad:


SF2 + Sakura + Dan? That’s boring. Not to mention this is incredibly early and I’m going to snap call it fake.


If it is real. The list makes sense. They are going to use the most iconic characters from both games. They aren’t going to use so and so new or obscure characters.

People are just bitching just to bitch at this point. And besides “I’m not playing because x character isn’t in it” is the dumbest excuse anyone can come up with.

They are making 2 different versions. One for SF players and one for Tekken players. So stop letting your retard show and shut the fuck up.


They need to switch Kuma and Heihachi for Jack and Steve, and add a Chang.

Really don’t know what to sub in for Capcom’s side, but I’m really tired of seeing Dan, Ken, and Akuma in every game. Take two of them out and give those spots to better characters.


If this is true, SFxT looks even more of a bore just by Street Fighter’s Roster alone.

Where’s TxSF.