Possible small TE defect?


So i just got a new round two TE. Aside the normal clicking sounds that the TE sticks make every so often there is also this slightly louder snapping sound it makes right before the normal click sound. is this normal on brand new sticks and will it go away after some more use, or is this a bad sign? i mean it doesnt seem too serious but its kinda annoying.


Do you hear it when using the joysticks or when using the buttons?


this is on the joystick…the buttons are fine.


I can’t imagine that’s normal. I bought a round 2 recently and it didn’t do that at all. Is it just a sound, or do you feel like it’s catching on something?


i have no clue but my mvc2 stick didnt do that so i dont know and i dont want to ship it back and hassle if this goes away


Sounds like maybe the spring is slightly stuck somewhere and the snapping noise comes each time you pull hard enough to release the extra tension


Well that definitley sounds probable because it makes the snapping sound more often when I slap the stick in a direction with more than average force. The sound also comes out more often in the direction up upleft right downright and down


Bump…ideas on what this may be, whether this will go away, or possible fixes?


Mine is only a week old and yeah it doesnt make that noise. I would return it or if you already planned to mod it crack it open and take a look. Could just be loose on the inside.