Possible stick/console issues with SFIV?

I was really curious on what console system Evo will be using for SFIV and HDR this year? (most likely ps3 im guessing)

but with that in mind, im sure everyone is aware that since there are gonna be 3 types of SFIV/HDR releases (PC [no HDR], ps3, xbox360) everyone is gonna have different sticks for each system. Especially, with the release of the nice new MadCatz sticks coming out for both systems.

Now, which side is going to take the hit? or can evo provide with both xbox360 and ps3 this year for both games?

And afaik, there are no xbox360 to ps3 converters and vice versa.


p.s. sorry in advance if this has already been addressed somewhere else, ive searched the forums but i couldn’t find this being addressed anywhere.

It’ll be on PS3. So I guess everyone is either going to need to buy a converter or an extra stick.

I dont know how reliable it is ive read mixed reviews on it, but its all we got right now.

thats hot i think ill pick one up, im not shelling out anymore money for SFIV im broke as fuck already

its been said forever that the system for evo will be ps3 lol

this may help with 360 sticks owners:


This looks great. Has anyone on here actually used this? I’d really like one before March haa

What Mr Wiz said. That unless someone magically gives him 20 xbox 360, the games are going to stay on the PS3.

Aren’t we already using ps3’s for tekken anyway?

Anyone use this converter? View Post

oh shit… looks like I should invest in a PS3 joystick…

Even though it seems as if most people have a 360, two custom ps3 boards and a ton of converters make the ps3 the more “Accessible” choice.

I still think Evo and other majors would be better off getting some sticks for all the PS3 tourney games, and banning button configuaration changes for those games- you’d have to use the tourney default. Would make things run a lot more efficiently. You could use your custom controller, but it would have to conform to custom config.

It is annoying when every match people take 2-3 mins to have to set up their controls. This happens a lot in locals here. It’s not any particular player’s fault- but collectively it’s annoying, and majors do need to stick to a schedule.

Might be too expensive, but would be the fairest way of doing things- not to mention it would be closer to the arcade experience. Also would reduce the amount of stuff jacked.

You may all be surprised. If GameStop is having the SFIV Tournament ran on XB360 console, with the Round 3 winners qualifying for an auto bid at EVO quarter finals, I think it is safe for me to say… that SFIV will be held on Microsoft’s Xbox360, because that is what these players have been playing on for weeks.

And since GameStop is partnering with EVO and Capcom, I’m sure this issue has already been addressed and agreed upon. Thus… taking care of the lack of systems availability. They’ll be either donated, lend out, or discounted for the event.

I disagree entirely with this. The *game *allows you to change your controls so that a given control scheme can suit different play styles. (Some people even change their controls on a per character basis, because one control style is better in their view.) Forcing people to conform to some standard that the game itself doesn’t force one to conform to would automatically put those people who do change their controls at a big disadvantage. This, in my view, isn’t worth the expediency gained by losing the minute (2 or 3? who takes 2 or 3 minutes?) it takes to setup a certain control scheme - because if players can’t play their best at a tournament, what’s the point? (There are other reasons to consider this not a good suggestion as well: pad players, handicapped players, weird stick builds, etc.)

But more on topic - do you know something we don’t Shin-Rotendo? Because I am going to be spending $300+ on two PS3 TE sticks with the intention of using them at major tournaments, and it would be more than a bit “frustrating” to have to somehow find a 360 stick when they are all sold out, especially when we are all under the impression that most major tournaments will be hosted on the PS3. I think it’s safe to say that it’s been the console that has been understood by the community to be hosting the competitive fighting game scene. If it might not turn out this way, a lot of people won’t have the finances to get the proper equipment for the 360 (including the game, stick, and even console, if they don’t have it - I don’t).

I too, am getting TE Fighsticks for the PS3, but also getting two standards for the 360.

As far as knowing more than anyone else… I cannot speak for the SRK staff or anything, but IMO why would they have GameStop host the tournament on 360s if they are going to host SFIV at EVO2k9 on PS3’s? Makes no sense.

There is a larger Xbox 360 fan base over the PS3, people are going to be practicing and playing the 360 version for the GameStop competition.

You can get an Xbox360 for cheap these days, while a PS3 you’ll be shelling out $400+

My theory is this: If Evo is supporting GameStops tourney with it being held on 360 consoles, then more than likely they are going to continue to support the 360 console version at Evo <since the winners are getting placed in the quarter finals. Having them play on the PS3 would stir up a lot of controversy… especially if none of the GameStop’s winners win, progress at Evo, lol. You’ll be hearing shit like that, “I’m not use to the PS3 controller”… “we only played on the 360” … “blah, blah, blah…”

Sooner or later, the games for Evo2k9 will be announced and on for what consoles. For me, it doesn’t matter what it is going to be on.

Well now we have confirmation it’s on the PS3.

I’m thinking about just picking up a good PS1/2 to PS3 converter. My PS1 custom stick is much smaller and more convenient for carrying around tourneys. I see people that lug around their huge MAS or HRAP sticks and then leave em on a table or on the floor for someone else to up and grab for good. Probably not going to let anyone borrow my converter either. You guys are thieves.

I am not sharing my pelican adapter with anyone. Ever.

Where can someone get a converter like this?