Possible street fighter anniv bug?


Alright, apparently it seems that ST T-Hawk will randomly (a good 80%) not high block non-ST blanka’s normal roll. (he can crouch block it 100%)

every other character seems to block it fine.

is this new, or what?


He also can’t crouch block CE-blanka ball


yeah but is it a bug, or is there a way i’m supposed to deal with it?


i think its supposed to represent more depth, yeah the games 2d and around 4 years shy of being my age but it shows the developers brains arent as limited as the technology was back then

in short- i dont think its a bug lol


I hope you’re just trying to be funny.


What a scam.


Are you doubting the awesome randomness of bugs, Sir?

“Any sufficiently advanced bug is indistinguishable from a feature”

  • Rich Kulawiec


It’s cuz T.Hawk’s trippin on peoti cactus and tries to parry it.


What the fuck are you talking about?


LOL I wish I could rep you for that.


T.Hawk’s fucking gay anyways


If what you say is true, then yes it’d be a bug (I haven’t tested it). Blocking is blocking, it hasn’t really changed any from SF2:WW to ST. There’s no reason that one character using one game mode shouldn’t be able to block it.



that’s what i would’ve thought, but it COULD possibly have something to do with sprite size and some othe random bullshit combined with it…


Yo, somebody call NKI