Possible Synergy with Firebrand



Hello my fellow Mahvel enthusiasts! I’ve played UMvC3 for quite awhile, and have grown too comfortable with my primary team of Wesker (Gun) /Ghost Rider (Chain) /Dormammu (Dark Hole), and would like to add another, more challenging team.

After seeing this most recent FGTV Tourney with Apologyman beasting it up with his Firebrand tech, I thought about picking the game back up again and finding a good team to match with Firebrand’s caliber.

Now my requests of course are as follows:

1.) It has to be a team with as good mixture of mobility and comboability as the demon himself.

2.) The characters have to have a good mixup and crossover game as he does, and also when it comes to assists.

3.) No Top Tiers are to be included! (aka Doom, Vergil, Zero, Phoenix, Spencer, Magneto, etc.), because it wouldn’t be challenging otherwise.

Once I’ve managed to try out the perfect team necessary, I’ll post up some future footage on my Youtube channel. Thank you!




There’s a team-building thread in this very forum.


But then you can’t play Firebrand.

Also, playing top tier doesn’t necessarily make winning less challenging.


Doom is Firebrand’s best partner. If you won’t run him, then you’re limiting yourself severely.


Isn’t Doom everyone’s best partner?


Yes but not everyone gets hard tag combos from Doom.

  1. There’s a team building thread in this forum
  2. There’s a team building thread in the Firebrand forum if you want to ask about Firebrand teams
  3. Be warned that Drew Grimey’s team is just a terrible team for fighting against the Firebrand/Tenderizer unblockables. In reality a lot of characters can escape it with air dash/double jumps, so it’s not as terrifying in practice as it looks. There are good reasons why the theory Firebrand/Skrull/Morrigan teams never became popular.


There is a team building thread. It’s stickied at the top of the forum. Please use it. Thanks.