Possible tactic to land Ultra

As we know, one of the best ways to land Akuma’s ultra is to use it as a AA when someone jumps in. So, what if we applied a tactic where once the opponent’s health is low enough for the ultra to kill them we purposely let him get our health low? The point of this would be so our opponent gets a extremely aggressive mindset of “Okay, he’s low health and probably panicking. Let me just get in and finish him off.” So, then the opponent will begin jumping in. While they are you have to be completely ready, use the ultra and get it on them as they jump in and kill them. A risky tactic, but I could see it as a potential one that could be extremely good. However, depending on the matchup too this tactic may not be viable if the opponent has other means of jumping in such as teleports etc. Thoughts on this?

I think we’ve already concluded in quite a few threads like this one here, purposely taking hits to get ultra seems ridiculously stupid, especially since you’re Akuma – you’re likely to get ultra no matter what you do, so why force it? Beating them up with Ultra is only going to give them a ton of meter anyway, so they can continue to beat your face in but with yellow flashy combos (read: fadc).

So you land the demon? Now what? They have a full super bar to use how they see fit (the yellow flashy combos man), even if it kills them you may have to stave them off for another round, or worse: they may still be alive and you’ll have to go into aggressor mode to finish them off, but with no health or meter to back you up. If you have your opponent down to less than 50% and you’re at close to 100%, why on earth would you then decide to start taking damage? They’re playing at your pace then, don’t throw the game away.

Anywho, anyone who knows the match-up well against Akuma will not be jumping in carelessly once he gets meter, especially if that opponent was purposely walking into them taking hits. An anti-air demon is done completely on reaction in my experience, not so much on anticipation, unless you have a mad footsie game.

Ah, but you missed the point in your first paragraph. Also, as I said, get their health low enough so it kills them once you use it. It’s so the opponent gets aggressive. However, you mentioned a good player will know this and try to avoid it so, I guess this throws my tactic out the window.

Counting on your opponent to make mistakes is a losing battle (like taunting to somehow enrage your opponent). Sure they might play more aggressive or careless after they run you over for a majority of the match, but if you go in expecting that you’re just going to get waxed again and again.

If you are going to use this tactic, dont just purposly take hits, use focus attack to absorb fireballs and FA backdash out of pokes. It works for me and it limits the opponent early in a round and scares him.
Thats way better than just standing there. No matter how careless you may get, nobodys thats good is gonna jump in on akuma with full ultra ready. Unless u trick the oppinent.

But like Ultima said, you’re gonna get ultra anyway garanteed in a match unless ure fuckin the other guy up that bad. Which in that case ultra wouldnt matter cus youre gonna win anyway, which is what matters.

Too many times I’ve let crappy players take the round because my lead was very large and I wanted to end the match “flashy.”. I think after enough experience, we all realize to do whatever it takes to win as quickly as possible. Because eh, we don’t need to see the 17 minute ultra animation anymore.

I’ve recently heard of players at the absolute top top top having strategies that involve taking damage in order to set something up, but I don’t think anyone in this section, or even on this site uses such tactics.

The second Akuma has ultra, I go into ultra setup lookout mode. I don’t do stupid things like predictable jump ins or throw out any laggy moves. I try to bait the ultra so he wastes it. The only times I’ve actually been caught by the ultra is if I miss timed something or threw out the wrong move by accident.

Taking damage on the hope that you’re opponent stays aggressive when you have Ultra seems like a bit of a dangerous strategy, especially against good palyers, against bad players, well you wouldn’t need to work out a strategy i guess.

if this is the way you’d intend to go i’d suggest Focusing more, though it won’t make them aggressive, Focusing 2 or more attacks makes it so you’re opponent has a limitted time to do big damage, whichy can make them more aggressive. But really i wouldn’t go that way either.

I don’t think it’s a good strategy to use against any player because if a bad player gets fortunate enough to land something big, Akuma will be in big trouble. I have a pretty good footsies game, but I mostly utilize it when I am setting my opponent up as opposed to just waiting for him/her to make mistakes. I was able to use Ne0Russell’s Raging Demon vids to catch my opponent in situations that even they wouldn’t expect to be caught with the Super/Ultra. It’s all about opportunity and what you do with it.

Ummmm it’s called focus… use it to gain ultra meter without loosing health… Once you have meter you put a damper on alot of the other peoples offensive options. Blanka for example he can no longer ball after an Akuma has meter or jump in on you.

Edit: Saw the above post about focus guess I was late.

good opponents will not jump at you very often, most players will only jump if they need to

we akuma players are the exception because of demon flip mix ups and air fireballs.

most other charachters dont have the protection akuma does in the air, nor the mix up possibility.

online though you may get a few takers to your bait, just dont expect to catch anyone worth their stuff very often

So basically what Ultima said.

But to add on, if you’re trying to do it on a pad, then it’s pretty damn hard, unless you have a stick you can practice the ultra.

Besides that, your enemy can jump in AND kick at the same time, trust me it happens to me every time, unless you can time it where they ALREADY kicked

There are many setups for the ultra, wakeup ultra is risky sometimes

Just watch the pros like Edma, Momochi (not sure I’ve seen him use the ultra cause he’s so beast xD)

There’re tons of ways to setup, just got to know when and your enemy

I saw momochi use ultra once on Daigo. Epic battle. He used his ultra as soon as daigo was doing an FA. I don’t know if momo did te ultra on reaction but his ultra came out godly fast.


yeah miazaki this should be a standard way to land ultra as an akuma. It really isn’t that difficult and that video was 1/2 a year old and daigo never focused again once momo had meter.

if timed correctly, you can teleport through a fireball or behind the opponent and the instant the teleport ends, execute it. You have to calculate the teleports distance correctly or you will get toss. Works extra well when going against Ryu, Ken, Akuma, himself since all have fireball lags. Also works after ryu does a super/ultra fireball close up and you blocked it…

not sure if this works all the time or maybe the other player just suck, but it worked for me several times. Jump and do execute ex fireballs, and execute the ultra right when you land. The other opponent will still be block stun from the fireballs… Not sure if it works when the opponent doesn’t block though…

Nah that doesn’t work, all you have to do it hold up after you block or get hit by the fireballs, you cant grab them out of block stun. Doesn’t work for regular throws, nor for the demon.

Although if you time it right, you can do an ex air fireball and after the first one is blocked or hits, you can throw before the second connects; but doing this leaves you open to counter attacks like shoryuken or ultras. Might work once or twice, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

No. You are thinking one dimensionally. You can’t predict their mindset, it won’t be the same every time… I’m not going to dissect your post, but it was wrong in almost every possible aspect.

If there’s a post in here that’s 100% wrong, it would be your post.

First of all, you CAN predict someone’s mindset. Doing so is a big part of the game.

Second if you do an ultra and your opponent knows how and is capable of escaping or punishing it, he will. All he needs to do in order to avoid it is hold up on his Stick/D-Pad, and he can jump out after the flash.