Possible tactic to land Ultra



After reading the title why oh god why did I come in here?

Top tier posts, all around!

On Gooteck’s post-evo cast they had mentioned Daigo eating several down fierces from Balrog in order to gather information, then Wong went ahead and said that he does it too. Is this similar to what you’re talking about?

Lol, predicting mindset is important, yeah.

But assuming that this one situation, you taking damage, will always put them in the “aggressive, less defensive” mindset every single time, and that every time they will somehow forget to avoid a demon, is wrong. Psychology 101. If you could make a player assume a certain mood every single time through one tactic… well, you can’t. He’s wrong.

Even if I agreed with the idea of sacrificing health to influence your opponent’s mindset (which I don’t), there’s a lot wrong with what you are proposing in that good players don’t think that way to begin with.

First of all, good players don’t automatically become more aggressive when they’re about to win, if anything they become less so. Especially because they know you’ll have an ultra, and the last thing they want is a big turnaround. And furthermore because the clock is on their side now; if they had a low aggression playstyle before, the fact that they are up on health will only enhance that.

Secondly, even if they did become more aggressive, good players don’t express aggression by randomly jumping in, especially against characters that have massively damaging AAs.

agreed. players with large life leads usually just sit back and throw fireballs or wait for you to come and punish your mistakes.

Wait a minute. Exactly which post were you disagreeing with in your first post? Kaiden’s? Or the OPs?

Also, check out YouTube videos by lordofultima concerning Akuma. Between him and Ne0Russell, I have learned and do currently exhibit the ability to effectively surprise my opponent the most unexpected timing of Akuma’s Super and Ultra. If You watch, study and practice the techniques in these guys’ vids, in addition to getting used to applying them in actual matches, you will begin to understand how to land the Shun Goku Satsu. Wish ya the best!!!

Disregard everything he said, I’m bad at this game.

OP bro.

After learning and really liking c.mk -> ultra, I’ve realized I’ve removed all AA lp.srk and c.fp from my game. I can’t remember the last time I did those aside from being Ryu. I just wait for a silly jumpin and then WHAM! Afterwards I’m so neutered.

Eesh forgetting the basics =T