Possible to change wired connection with QDs?

I’m sort of a beginner at this (read: no experience at all XD) and I can’t hold out much longer for my HRAP3 to be shipped from Play-Asia (been on preparation for 2 months already) and I happen to have someone here who’s selling me the Hori SF4 Stick for the PS3.

I’ve heard the buttons are wired to the PCB, now assuming I got myself a desolder kit and some wires with QDs and jackets, is modifying it to become QD a killer task? I ask because I already have my buttons from Akihabara here and all I have to do is take the damn thing apart if I buy it. I know the joystick’s already Sanwa so I only have the buttons to worry about.

Anyway, in short:

  1. Possible to change wire system to QD with just a desolder kit?
  2. Do I need to fool around with the PCB afterwards?


Desolder the points. Solder wires onto the PCB and attach QDs to the wires. Hook up QDs to the buttons and I think you should be set. So no, you’ll need a soldering iron and some solder.

Hey thanks dude, that doesn’t sound so bad?

I take it you have to solder wires onto the PCB and QDs at the other end, from what you mean. Just curious, is there like a non-solder way to do this? Like some sort of attachment that just lets you clip the wire ends on the PCB? (Most likely not, but I guess worth asking…)

I would recommend getting some desoldering braid however (they sell it at radioshack, should be next to solder). You simply lay the braid (copper) over the soldered point and use the soldering iron to heat it up. The solder will absorb into the braid and it is pretty much impossible to damage/burn your pcb using this desoldering braid. Cut off the used braid afterwards and repeat on fresh desoldering braid for each soldered point.

For QDs you’ll need a crimping tool. I have one of these http://www.hardwarestore.com/media/product/266668_front200.jpg and have to say they’re fine for single wire->qd crimping. However for the ground daisy chain crimping, it was a real PITA and even if they mechanically were in the QD tight, sometimes one of them didn’t have an electrical connection. Honestly, I recommend just leaving it as it is unless you plan on selling your arcade stick or plan on taking out buttons/swapping them out. Even then it takes a second to remove a soldered point->just heat it up with the soldering iron and pull the wire off, or use the desoldering braid if you don’t like excess solder. Plus I love sniffing the fumes the solder emits as I am soldering :looney:

Edit: Just read the rest of your post, I don’t know how to read FML. Yes you will need solder and wires to wire the buttons to the pcb. If I recall, the FS3 pcb doesn’t have common ground either so throw out that daisy chaining business out the window.

Only with a chthulu board from toodles. I’m not aware of another solderless way.

Ok, just confirming my options. Thanks again you both.

Just so you both know, the reason I ask is because I’ve my Sanwa buttons here and I’m gonna change out the Hori snap-ins with them. I figured to just go all out with my first mod and change the buttons for that full Sanwa experience. (whatever that is XD)

That’s why I thought I need to wire them up first. I guess I’ll go ahead and just buy it. No sense in me waiting a few more months for a TE -_- or my HRAP3 to ship–now that I have had the parts waiting for a month now!

Wish me luck. :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way dizolit, the stick I’m buying is this:


The PS3 one. It’s not the FS3 though, but more like a HRAP3 with SF4 art. Too bad the buttons are wired to the PCB, unlike the HRAP3s. :frowning:

You’ll want to take a look at this thread then: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=153627

It’s the T5 stick modification thread, but it goes over what to do w/ the buttons wired directly to the PCB. Good luck with your modification!

Awesome! Link saved. Thanks for all the help. My first stick. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m having butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it!