Possible to drop from Fighter to Rookie in rated?

I’m very very much a newb at MvC, but I absolutely LOVE this game, even though I’m still pretty terrible. So I’ve worked my way up from beginner, to amateur, to rookie, and now I’m at Fighter. I played a TON of offline and a lot of player matches, and only went to ranked from time to time when I got some confidence. At rookie, amateur and beginner, the matchmaking seemed to work great. For player match and ranked. Sometimes I’d be matched with someone a level higher, sometimes a level lower, but never a huge disparity in skill level.

As soon as I hit “fighter”, though, it seems as if the game’s put me on a different “tier” altogether. I no longer get matched with anyone below my level, but frequently get matched with people well above my level. This has gotten incredibly frustrating, as I’m just barrrely good enough to even be considered “fighter”, but 90% of my matches are with people much much better than me.

So does anyone know if “fighter” is the bottom of a tier? It’s gotten so frustrating that I actually wanna drop a rank so I can fight people around my level. Is that possible if I go drop a couple of ranked matches (went 10 and 4 to get to “fighter”), or am I stuck at “fighter”?

Also, does the matchmaking system take player battle history into account, or just rated? Because it seems like the matchmaking would be broken if you simply just never played rated and got to hang around beating up on noobs all day when you were an expert. Thanks for any advice.

Actually you will learn alot more by fighting better people than “rookies” and if you suck so much stay in training mode 90 percent of the time and read stuff from this forum :wink:

you won’t get better by playing people who are below your ability level.

I know the feeling, I kept getting matched against people significantly higher levels than myself, usually 3rd lord and greater and losing so often causing my to constantly fluctuate between fighter and 9th lord.

However I’m sort of glad this game has such bad matchmaking now, because i’ve been exposed to higher level players so much I’m now regularly beating 3rd lords and higher despite only being a 9th lord myself at the moment.

Stick at it, it will pay off eventually.

Time for me to grind some wins :slight_smile: