Possible to find .110 QD's at Radioshack?

Is it possible to find them or any other store?
I’m not really into buying QD’s online right now and I’d rather get them as quick as possible by buying them from a store.
Any suggestions or help?

I got mines of Ebay. I bought two packs of 100. Came super fast.

If you’re super desperate, you can get .187s from radioshack and they’ll work.

Well if all hope is lost I guess I can resort to using Ebay or Amazon, But I really would like to know if .110’s can be found locally?

I’ve heard Fry’s electronics has them. I just bought them on ebay. The Radio Shack I went to didn’t have them.

I got mine from Jaycar here in Australia, similar shop to Radio Shack. They were actually called phone crimp connectors.

This link might help you out.

Would .187’s really work?

I doubt it unless you have a good electronics store like Fry’s. I trolled around today and the best price I could find on .187 were 10 for $3 at Ace Hardware. I paid it just because I had a stick I need to get done. They’re even worse at RadioShack. Like $2 for 4.

Yes they’ll work, they’re definitely big but they clamp just fine basically with just one side of the QD. Some people actually prefer them because they’re easier to put on/remove than .110s. The major drawback is that they don’t look nearly as nice.

For what it’s worth, my local fry’s doesn’t carry .110 QDs.

The .110 QD’s are the same size as the negative side of a 6x9 speaker. It took me FOREVER to track down somebody that would have enough of them. I finally got desperate and remembered when I put the 6x9’s in my car that I got some QD’s from Best Buy’s install center. I went down and talked to the guys there and sure enough, they gave me 30 of 'em for free.

radioshack does stock them, but i think its like a mixed pack with female and males. best bet is your local electronics supply store. i picked up a 100 pack for $3

seems like mochipman has stock, try your luck there

most hardware stores around my area have them.

I bought some 50 packs at my local Ace hardware this weekend.

if you cant find them at a hardware store try a place like a car audio shop. but you’ll probably get ripped off unless you haggle

i’m just curious, but why did you need to get 200 of them?

Because you blow through these like it’s absolutely nothing.

10 buttons + four directions = 28 QDs

You’ll inevitably end up tossing a few to re-crimp them, etc.

I don’t understand why don’t you call? One radioshack might have it, but another might not carry it. Or what if it’s not in stock at the moment at one location and the other store down the freeway has them…

Don’t buy them from RadioShack anyhow. You’ll get four for $2, which is 50 cents each. They’re 10 cents online and cheaper at other hardware stores if they have them locally.

My question with calling is how likely are you to get someone who knows what you’re talking about. The only way I’m able to explain it to a sales person is by showing them one. Be prepared to have the product number ready.

I got 100 for $6.75 on eBay. They came in 2 or 3 days, which means they process and ship incredibly quickly.


aaand .187’s if you need them.