Possible to fix sticky buttons on HORI Fighting stick EX2?

I got a DOA version Hori FS EX2, and the A button becomes quite sticky after little usage.
I tried to open the stick, and realized the buttons are solded to the PCB, which means I could not remove the buttons to see what is going on without damage the stick.
Any suggestion to fix the botton?
Yes, I checked the threads of how to mod this stick, which is totally beyond my capability.

well what i did is not what ur gonna wanna do. sumthing is wrong with my blue button (strong punch) and it wont work when i push it so i did the same thing u did (open it) and the only solution i could think of is to cut the button with a plyer. now i donno if u wanna do that cuz u mite end up havin to buy new buttons. but my question fot his is how to i get that stong punch to work now even if the buttons off the touch the switch and it still doesnt work! only way it does is if it push hard on the pcb and then touch the switch then it works but thats no fun!

You need to resolder the button. If it still doesn’t work, it means the button is stuffed you’re going to need to solder in a new button.

Bear in mind there is a good chance that the shitty PCB in the EX2 is the problem. If that’s the case…

My A button is starting to stick, I am hoping i can just pick out whatever it is, it feels as though there is some rubber or something in the button hole making it stick.