Possible to get a ps1 pad to work with a 360?

I always found the standard ps1 pad perfect for SF. Not even the dual analogs, the slight contour difference made my 360s for Gief harder when using L1 for fierce.
Has this one been done before or is there a particular PCB from a 3rd party that can fit into a ps1 pad?

No one has done it before but you can try. I’d like to see the results.

Haven’t heard of this, but there’s no reason why you couldnt piggyback the 360 controller onto the PS1 contacts. I’d probably do it by padhacking both controllers and using an interconnect. Kind of a silly way to do it, but it might be fun to try!

My girl would love this (swears the 360 controllers are the devil’s work). You would probably have to chain them together like redleader said because I’m not aware of any ‘tiny’ 360 controller boards. Something along these lines.