Possible to "git gud" while picking up a technical character like Ibuki?


Looking for some thoughts on this. Anyhow, started using Ken at launch but played extremely casually as I had a lot of other things going on and was looking forward to Ibuki and Juri. Haven’t really spent much time recently playing however the last few weeks I’ve been messing around daily with all three characters, decided Juri isn’t really for me and out of the three, I have more fun playing Ibuki. The problem though is that she’s very technical and despite stream monstering for a few years, there is a huge disparity between my knowledge of the game and my execution, simply put… my execution needs a LOT of work. In terms of ability, I can beat most people under 2k LP however I’ve hit the first wall where I need to learn to maximize my damage output and really need to spend a lot of time hitting up the training mode. Generally speaking though, that wall is looking much more challenging with Ibuki than with say Ken where it feels more like I just need to practice my hit confirms to get more out of him.

At the end of the day, I’m probably going to pick up Ibuki anyway, while my Ken is certainly stronger, I actually feel more comfortable using Ibuki and much prefer faster characters regardless of game/genre. So I guess my question is whether or not it’s realistically possible to learn the game using Ibuki or would I be better off sticking it out with Ken or a different easier to learn character until my execution at least has improved to the point where Ibuki’s combos seem less intimidating?

Any thoughts or advice?


You can get good with any character as long as you put in the work. Obviously some characters require more work than others. I played Ibuki in 3rd Strike, while she is very different in that game she was still technical and required knowledge of the fundamentals as well as a deep understanding of the game.

The only way execution improves is through practice.


Isn’t a heavy execution character the best way to train your execution? And wouldn’t an “easier” character actually not make you improve your execution by definition?
As long as you’re aware that it will take weeks months to get comfortable with her neutral and her combos there is no issue with starting with a character you really like. It is better than forcing yourself to play an easier character just to git gud.
Just try to go with her buttons and BNBs at the beginning. Once you got that down you can start learning the crazier setups. This way you will give yourself a lot of room to explore the character all while not being too frustrated during your regular matches.


I’d rather get better…


Play the character you enjoy playing. You’ll get better with her, just give yourself time. I picked up Dhalsim about a month ago and I’m light years better with him in just that short period of time from when I first started playing him. I couldn’t even beat the CPU and now I’m beating Plat level players. Like anything else it will just take time and practice to get better. Spend a few hours a day in the lab just going through her moves and combos and put some time into casual matches too to learn matches and just get comfortable controlling her against an attacking opponent.