Possible to juggle opponent into SA2 without system direction?

I’m at my wits end, here’s the kysg video where it happens: [media=youtube]xN_PGefOV3s[/media]

I can’t get it to happen so I suspect system direction, but I still want to make sure.

HAHA…I was about to have a heart attack but quickly realized you must mean the Hugo combo. BEFORE I continue, to save you some time, you can try to ask Coreografo in the other Necro thread(s) cos he knows a LOT about Necro in general (combos, glitches, etc.).

I believe that combo is Hugo-specific, from what I remember. I need to try to test out some of those combos from that vid! When someone’s dizzy, you can get extra juggle points on someone. 'ALSO, a friend of mine said you should be able to juggle after Necro’s SAI, and I think it’s only after getting the 1st 4 hits of the super (not pressing a button to get the rest of the hits), but in the corner, it didn’t even seem possible to juggle w/ SAI after I dizzied computer opponents with a poke (before the super connected), so maybe that’s character-specific too (that vid you posted ALSO shows a potential way to juggle after SAI on opponents, but maybe only dizzied opponents). In either case, juggling into SAII or after SAI is not very practical (hard to set up and not worth using, really) and more of a combo-exhibition thing. There are some cool combos I like doing that only work on certain characters but they pretty much have to be dizzied first cos you’ll never land them on opponents w/ good defensive skills :frowning:

On the OTHER hand, if you’re having trouble doing the db+hp XX SAII combo on Hugo because of the timing or something, I have my own technique that works every time if the controls are good enough :smiley: lol. I…THINK…the combo works on Hugo, regardless of whether you dizzied him, but again, juggle rules and…“hitbox rules” change on dizzied opponents (e.g., Makoto can dp grounded opponents but only if they’re dizzied, I believe).

I hope this helps! ~RT :slight_smile:

combos you can do:
(corner)b.fierce>bd.fierce>sa2 (on urien)
(corner)b.fierce>bd.fiercex2>sa2 (on hugo)
(corner)jab tornado hook>sa2 (hugo)
(corner)bd.fiercex5>sa2 (urien , hugo)

las combo is really painfull hard i can say you need do a step forward before you do sa2 like qcf>qcf (hold forward for the small step) before you press the punch
also you can do kara grab sa2 doing qcf>qcf>b.hk>p if you do kara sa2 you not need walk in
this is all about combos

now small about sa2 tricks

sa2 i think is the worst necro super…very long meter , very low combo ability…the only good shit about this super is the recovery is small… you can do shit like sa2 and b.fierce him when he jump out
some set ups i do is jump in with j.hk and do j.hk when you are falling (look like the j.hk comes out ) and when you land do sa2 (remeber always you try mind games like this do sa2 with lp+lk (small option select)
other trick is vs people who parry/red parry your tornado hooks …if they parry your tornado hook you see your first hit parried and you can cancel last hit intro sa2 and they can’t jump out (they can do a fast punish like srk or very fast sa) if they red parry you can do the same but you need anticipate

In conclusion, dont pick sa2 and Coreografo is the best necro player ever.


just to put my 2 cents in… I agree. Hell, I would love to play coreografo’s necro.

now we can close thread


Thanks a lot guys, though I still thinks it’s really weird that Hugo and Urien can get grabbed out of the air like that, thought it only worked on Gill because of that odd grounding bug…

Did anyone ever try to connect other grab supers on Hugo/Urien like that btw?

after the fierce tornado hook he was able to suplex ken . was that using the b.roundhouse foot grab into kara throw?

kara sa2 is (down>down+forward>forward)x2>b.roundhouse>punch
and about snake fang i think you can’t do kara-snake fang

ofcourse after a fierce hook you can do sa2 but the damage is really low (sorry for not post this before)