Possible to make a good/cheap stick?

So pretty much the consensus on this board is good=$, but i’m on an extremely tight budget and will only be using this stick for SF4. I have a PS3 and the most affordable stick would be the Hori FS3 which they have in stock at my local Fry’s. However there seems to be many bad reviews on it. So upon a little more research i’ve come to the conclusion that making my own stick would be the most cost efficient option without sacrificing quality.

I’ve sourced some parts from lizard lick:
1 iL Eurojoystick
6 Happ competition buttons
2 Sanwa 24 bottons

Total came out to be $32 after shipping

Board i will be using will hopefully be a PSone DS if its still working, but i also have a PSX controller for backup. I got tons of spare wood around so dont need to make any extra purchases there. And various extra and paint should make the grand total around $48 for the whole project.

I’ll start documenting my project when the parts arrive, but do you guys see any issues that these parts may cause or reliability issues? I’m hoping to make a decent stick on a very small budget.

If you are competent with the woodwork then you should be fine. You will end up an American style stick with those parts, but I’m sure you’re aware of that. Best of luck.

Thanks, i’m of course an american that grew up on american arcades, so that was what i was shooting for.

Yea, my total for the custom I’m halfway through now will be around the same, and I’m using iL stuff.

You’re missing some overhead. Wiring and a soldering iron can run another $20. Then there’s the cost of an Inpin (PS2->PS3) from Laugh, another $20.

Just wait until you realise how much time it “costs” to make one :smiley:

Yeah, it’s going to cost more than that, you’re looking at about 70 bucks honestly.

Not counting labor, which is dependent on how well you value yourself.

Which still isn’t that bad. I’d recommend getting a Cthulu though, which would just add to the price. Adapters can give input lag in my experience, the only one I’ve had that didn’t was my Innovation Saturn->Dreamcast, lol. But the result will still be sexy, regardless.

Best of luck to your build, can’t wait to see it. Building your own stick is very rewarding since it’s one of a kind and made by you. Plus, it’s cheaper than buying customs.

I already have a soldering iron and most tools, the $48 is stuff i dont already have sitting around.

My current SF4 controller is the wireless logitech PS2 one, i tore up one of my sixaxises playing SFA. So anything other than this right now would reduce lag.

Good Luck

Good Luck in making your stick, and post pics please.