Possible to make joystick work as left analog stick Xbox 360?


Hi guys,

I’ve searched around but cannot find an answer. I’ve got a paewang pcb and made my own arcade stick setup, I know that paewang pcb doesn’t work as a left analog stick but is there a way I can make it work with another pcb or anything added in as well? I use it on pc, ps3 and Xbox 360 but only want to have left stick option for Xbox 360 as most non fighting games dont work with just dpad input. It doesn’t worry me if it’s full direction etc of stick when I push joystick up etc, hope that makes sense.


It wouldn’t be possible without replacing the pcb entirely.


What pcb could I use instead?


Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but the only Xbox 360 PCBs currently on the market that allow the users to actively change the function of a joystick from D-Pad to Left/Right Analog Stick are:

  • Any Mad Catz arcade stick PCB (SE, TE, BrawlStick, SCV TE, whatever; if it’s Mad Catz, it has this function)
  • Supposedly, HORI’s upcoming Real Arcade Pro. VX SE Kai (it is as of yet unreleased though)

That’s it. Unfortunately, it’s not very common to see PCBs like that go for sale as it is. So what you can do instead is wire up the PCB from a Mad Catz FightPad. Just like their arcade sticks, all of Mad Catz’s FightPads had a switch on them to let the D-Pad act as the Right or Left Analog Sticks. Of course, you need to have some kind of switch on your arcade stick case to take advantage of this, but it will work just fine.

So buy yourself an Xbox 360 Mad Catz FightPad or FightPad S.D., crack it open, wire it up, and you’ll be set. :tup:


Awesome mate. Thanks for that. Can I wire the madcatz pcb from gamepad together with the paewang pcb or will I have to separate them via switches?


You can wire the Mad Catz PCB with the Paewang without needing a switch. All you need to do is buy an Imp PCB from FocusAttack.com or Toodles’ own site, godlikecontrols.com. Toodles’ site should have a link to the SRK thread for the Imp and it also has a PDF file that details how the Imp works.


Thanks for your help.


Sorry if this question is stupid, but what is the point of the imp controller if I only plug in 1 usb at a time anyway? If i wired the madcatz fightpad pcb into the joystick/buttons along with the paewang pcb but only had either the madcatz usb or the paewang usb in at any one time then I can’t see any damage occuring…or am i wrong?


No, you could absolutely do that. Most people prefer only the single USB cable coming out the back, but if you wanted both cables hanging out of the stick, that’d work peachy. Either way, follow the golden rules.


Ok that’s cool. I would properly get the imp controller anyway as like you said, it’s easier to use and one day I could make a mistake and plug them in… Only one more question really. If I wanted to have the option of left stick working on PS3 aswell…would that require me to get the madcatz fightpad ps3 version aswell as the xbox 360 version? Or is there a pcb which can make xbox 360 pad work on ps3 too


There isn’t such a converter for Xbox 360 to PS3. If you want Left/Right Analog functionality on both Xbox 360 and PS3, you’d probably be best off ditching the Paewang and buying yourself an Imp, Xbox 360 FightPad, and PS3 FightPad and wiring them up all together. It’ll be a bit of extra work, but you’ll end up with all the same features you had on the Paewang (turbo, PS3/Xbox 360 support) as well as a switch for the Left/Right Analog and D-Pad.


Thanks for the reply. I was reading up on soldering to the fightpad pcb for joysticks etc. Im slightly confused if I need to solder to the vcc point. That would only be if I wasn’t going to use the usb cable that is already attached to the pcb? I was thinking they must have that point there for dual mods using imp etc


Have you read this