Possible to mod 360 TE stick to work for Ps3, 360, and Wii?

Hey guys,

I’m sorry for creating this thread. I know that somewhere on this board there has to be an explanation on how to do this. The problem is that after a couple hours of browsing, my brain has gotten lost, confused, and overwhelmed with posts, threads, and different modding methods. Is there anyone that wouldn’t mind telling me if its possible to make my 360 TE stick (very very first batch that was released) work on all 3 current gen sticks? And if so, what is the best method? Thanks guys!

In one week, I have answered two of these Threads already.

Hey thanks for the information! So, just to be clear, if I did the MC Cthulhu and a Rj-45 I could then use my TE stick for basically most consoles? What is the best tutorial for installing both of these boards? Thanks JDM!

These would be it.

Those three Threads would be all you need.

Thanks jdm! !

jdm - I have the paewang PCB + PeeWii and plan on connecting them with an imp w/RJ45 out… This is feasable right? I’m trying to avoid having 2 cables coming out my custom box.

Toodles has already answered you.

What is the Imp for?
Just use RJ-45.