Possible to overthink things and hurt your game?

Reading over the different character forums and match up threads, I notice a lot of specialized tactics and strategies for different situations.

My question is, is there ever a point where learning more leads to overthinking things and slowing you down?

The other day i was overthinking like crazy when i was playing AE and it actually lead me to find a new main and i think im playing way better now… thats just me though

More time thinking = less time doing, so yeah. That said, the more you work at it the less you have to think about it and it becomes more natural. Ideally you want to be thinking a couple steps ahead … i.e. knowing before/as you go for a sweep that you either need to do X on hit or Y on block, so that you’re not thinking “OK, just got a hard knockdown, what are my options?”

That depends on what you think about, versus how much time to spend implementing those strategies.

There’s no replacement for good practice. You can watch all the match videos in the world, play theory fighter, argue with people on the internet, none of it will make a damn difference if you don’t TRY things in a real match.

I learned quite a lot from discussing tactics, watching videos, etc, etc, but that’s because I try them out in practice, and try to figure out the essence of what makes a viable strategy work so well.

There’s no such thing as having TOO much information, but it’s up to you to sift through that data to find what’s practical and reasonable to use, and incorporate, into your gameplay.

I remember pyrolee [on those sick ass ask dr. subzero podcasts way back when. Anyone got a link btw?] likened being a pro to having a whole lot of post it notes in your head about what to do and a hallmark of a good-great player is being able to sift through them quickly. So no, having more options is never bad - it may seem daunting at first but as you apply them it’ll become more natural.

Learn as much as you can, definitely!! But like eltrouble said, you need to be able to incorporate what you learned and make them viable in an actual match. You can learn up and down about anything and everything but until you start throwing it in the mix, it’s just knowledge to play a boring round SF elitist.

Learning a bunch of things may seem overwhelming and may be down-right confusing but the more you practice with your character and learning match-ups, you’ll just go with the flow and it’ll be second nature to just react accordingly.