Possible to play on wii-mote and nunchuck?


My little bro has brought his Wii to my place for a week. I wanna get TvC but not splurge out on two classic controllers (they’re bloody expensive here). So I’m wondering if you can actually play a fighting game with the default controllers?

Looks impossible to me…


Kind of, your Light, Medium and Heavy are replaced with 1 autocombo button and you get a special button rather than having to do the motions, think of trying to shoehorn SSB controls into a fighting game except jumping and blocking is still done on the D-pad.


Gah, couldn’t find a copy in any Gamestop outlets nearby…guess TvC is a more low key release than SF4 was. We even had GS tournaments for SF4 here.

Guess it’s back to waving my arms around trying to play metroid prime 3. Heck, even Metroid prime hunters for the DS has better controls.


If you need to wave your arms around to play Metroid Prime 3, you’re doing it wrong!

…and Hunters doesn’t have better ANYTHING than Prime 3.


I don’t remember Prime 3 having arm waving either. :wgrin:


Yeah I realized that too after the first few levels. Boss fights are stupidly scripted though, it’s like you can’t get past some of them without infinite patience or a walkthrough :stuck_out_tongue:

But this being the TvC forum, let’s not talk about Metroid. Does the wiimote method restrict your play so badly that it’s impossible to compete or even play offline properly?

I’ll try again to locate it in Oslo today.


Actually, not quite. You can turn that “feature” off in the controller config.