Possible to replace Hori body?


I wanted to replace the body of my Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 with something from Norris arcade sticks. Is it possible to do that using the same components inside the stick?


Uhh, yes, but what is the point? Sell the HRAP and but new components for the custom stick.


The main reason because I want to avoid spending on joystick and PCB. If I can reuse those components, at least save a little bit more…


So what are you going to do with the HRAP3 base, just throw it away? I think it’d be financially much more beneficial to sell a fully functioning HRAP3 and buy new components for the other stick rather than try to sell the empty shell.


Hmm something to think about I guess, thanks for your reply!


I’ll buy it off you if you’re actually gonna go through with this.


Depending on where in the world you are I might be interested in picking up the empty case for cheap…