Possible to use mic with ps3 stick on xbox?


Hi, I recently modded my ps3 to work on all platforms, but as you might know the ps3 sticks dont have an input for a mic. Is there a way to use a mic using a ps3 stick on xbox, or a way to use an external usb mic or something?

Hopefully this is the right forum to post this


You can try a wireless headset for xbox. How did you set up the ps3 to xbox mod?


I’m assuming that you used an XBox 360 pad of some sort to dual mo. I believe you can still use the connector from that pad, you just need to find a way to plus a headset to it.


I got the ps360+ pcb and installed it


Do what Mort says and get a wireless headset that bypasses the controller.


ah ok, I think I found one, I was thinking of getting turtle beach wireless headset at first but it was out of stock and later found out you actually still need to plug it in, so Im glad I didnt buy it yet. Guess I look for a wireless bluetooth headset or soemthing




Nice I already found that one, was just wondering how well it worked before buying, thanks for the link