Possible Tournament in Salina, Kansas. Any takers?


I’m looking to host a tournament at my university some weekend in either September or October. Since there’s quite a few guys on here in the state of Kansas namely around Manhattan, Wichita, and KC-K. I’m looking at a $10 entry for each game that will be up for tournament play. This is currently in the works and details are rough but a few of my friends, our local game stores, and I believe we can make it happen. Here’s the games up for this thing:

Street Fighter 4 (singles)
Blazblue (singles)
KOF XI (2 on 2 teams)
Marvel vs Capcom 2 (2 on 2 teams)
Street Fighter 3rd Strike (2 on 2 teams)
Tekken 5 Dark Ressurection (Singles)

So guys in the midwest, give a shout out and lets make it happen. More details are to come.


I managed to get a sponsor (local game store) and a rough estimate on prizes (cash and/or arcade sticks). anyone who’s around this area especially wichita, let me know


Keep us updated in the Wichita thread and hopefully we’ll get some things figured out for the guys down here!


Out of curiousity what would the $10 entry fee go to then if the sponsor is giving out the prizes? Or would those be on top of the pot?


It will be on the pot but the major prizes will most likely be for SFIV and Blazblue. the other games will be cash prizes to answer your question.

I’ve been busy with school but hopefully soon this will be a reality. Just a little rough planning things between college work and performances hehe


EDIT: sorry lol thread title answered it


People will be a lot more responsive once they know what prizes are for sure.